New Philips Hue Smart Bulbs Are Incoming, and They’re Gonna Be A Lot Brighter

New Philips Hue Smart Bulbs Are Incoming, and They’re Gonna Be A Lot Brighter

A photo of the Philips Hue box

Philips Hue may soon have more, brighter bulbs to pair with the rest of its smart lighting lineup.
Photo: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

Do you think your Philips Hue bulbs could be a little brighter? Well, you’re in for some good news. A leak from HueBlog points to improvements on the horizon for the Hue lineup of smart bulbs. If it’s true, the new bulbs will be brighter by up to several hundred lumens.

The rumor is that Philips Hue will introduce two new lightbulbs capable of 1,100 and 1,600 lumens, respectively. The larger bulb will also have passive cooling to join its taller design, which helps manage the higher heat of the LED.

For the last few years, Philips has held an event toward the end of summer to introduce its next batch of compatible smart lighting. The company, which falls under the Signify brand, makes everything from smart bulbs and LED light strips to ambiance bulbs for chandeliers and even vintage-looking filament bulbs. However, the standard Hue color bulbs max out around 806 lumens, which is fine for a low-lit living room, but could limit folks with other lighting needs. By comparison, smart lights from competing brands like Lifx already max out at around 1017 lumens. When I mixed smart bulbs from both Philips and Lifx in my living room, the disparity in brightness was obvious at the maximum output.

Philips Hue may also expand its filament range. The Standard, Edison, and Globe shapes could become available with the same color spectrum as White Ambient lights, allowing for warm and cool white LEDs rather than the usual one-note. The maximum brightness would be 550 lumens, a little over 100 lumens more than the current E26 filament bulbs.

An image showing two Philips Hue bulbs that have not yet been released

The HueBlog’s leak of the next Philips Hue bulbs.
Image: HueBlog

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The HueBlog also teases “some new Hue products that are supposed to have Gradient technology.” This is the same ability available in the Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip, which can simultaneously output various colors. European countries might also get an update to the E14, which is Philip Hue’s smallest bulb.

Philips Hue makes some of the best smart bulbs available for the smart home. However, they haven’t always been the brightest, with brands like Yeelight and Lifx taking the cake for higher lumens. That can be frustrating for some users who already note the higher relative cost of the Hue lights compared to the competition. A starter kit for the Hue costs $70, or $130 for two lights and the hub, with each additional lightbulb starting around $50. Lifx bulbs are about the same price when purchased individually, though Yeelight Smart LEDs have the same brightness and smart connectivity, and they’re half the price per bulb.

The main selling point of the Philips Hue is the wealth of different bulbs offered within its connected ecosystem. With more choices in the lineup, there’s something for everyone. But maybe hold off buying any new bulbs—at least until we see what Philips Hue has in store.

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