‘Night Ministry’ tends to San Francisco’s dark streets


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Many prefer to avoid the streets of San Francisco at night, but that is when the Night Ministry comes alive.

The group has been walking through areas like the Tenderloin, North Beach, Mission and Castro since 1964. KRON4 made a documentary on the Night Ministry back in 1966, and now we’re checking back in 57 years later.

“For a lot of people, nighttime is a scary time,” said Reverend Trent Thornley. “It’s when the demons come out. It’s when loneliness sets in, isolation sets in. At night it’s when we need connection.”

The Night Ministry tends to people who inhabit these dark streets — the unhoused, the drugged and distressed, and down and out.

The idea is to comfort, not convert. In fact, night ministers are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and other faiths. To learn more about it, click HERE and watch the video using the player above.


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