Nurse saves life on flight to see Bills in London

LONDON (WIVB) — Everyone has their eyes set on London this weekend, and rightfully so, but Rochester native and travel nurse Brooke Callan had her eyes set on a good nap during her connecting flight from Boston to London with her mother and sister for the game. However, before she could get some shuteye her medical skills were called upon.

“Through my headphones on the plane I hear, if there’s any medical personnel on the plane, can you please hit your call light,” Callan said.

Brooke immediately hit her call light, jumped out of her seat and noticed in the row behind her another passenger on the plane was having a seizure.

“The person that was having the medical emergency, it wasn’t an unknown cause to them. It was just an episode that hadn’t happened in a while, so I think it was shocking, when it happened, they weren’t necessarily able to communicate,” Callan stated.

“As they started coming to, they were able to explain to me that this is something they were familiar with. They had a friend that was with them as well, who was able to show me some of the medications that they had in their bag. So, I was able to indicate based on medications what was going on,” she continued.

From there the crew on the aircraft asked Brooke if they could continue the flight to London or turn around to make an emergency landing. Which, thanks to her all her actions, wasn’t needed.

“I was just able to monitor the patient for the rest of the flight. I ended up sitting next to them as well. The flight attendants asked me like, am I okay, switching my seat so that I can sit with them, monitor them,” Callan said.

She has since been called a hero by not only her family but also the flight crew and everyone on board, but Brooke says she was just doing her job.

“I don’t think that I’m a hero. I heard it a lot through COVID, I heard it through this situation, and just, this is what I’m trained to do. This is my life,” she said.

Now Brooke and her family can get back to enjoying their trip and cheering on the Bills.

“I don’t think there was a better population to be on that flight and more supportive. It was just so exciting to see the group that we have, all the Bills fans and how many people were willing to travel to another country that are willing to get their passports out and come see it. It’s such a good community event and to experience it in a different place is going to be so exciting,” Callan said.

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