On the job with Arvada’s animal officers

ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — FOX31 is getting a behind-the-scenes look at what the job of an animal management officer is like in Arvada. For starters, rescue missions with sheep — all caught on camera.

When saving and protecting animals is your mission, you never know what could happen in a day’s work. Take it from Arvada’s new animal management officer, Bryce Denning.

“I didn’t expect my first week to get all that stuff like that,” Denning said.

Denning’s first call is caught on body camera video. A “baaad” girl eluded four animal officers for more than an hour before Denning caught the sheep in mid-air.

“She was bouncing off the walls, and they’re going crazy, so it’s difficult to grab,” Denning said.

An animal officer catches a big, fluffy sheep in mid-air
Bryce Denning, an animal management officer, wrangles a sheep in Arvada. (Arvada Animal Management Unit)

Pictures from Arvada Animal Management show rescues of marmots, baby raccoons and even escaped chameleons.

“People are at a loss for words about what we do for them, and it’s actually been really nice doing that for people, helping people out, getting their pets back to them,” Denning said.

The Arvada native said it’s fulfilling to get to serve his community in a way that touches the heart.

“I love animals,” Denning said. “That’s what really brought me to the position was just love of animals growing up.”

Now hiring: Arvada animal officers

Denning’s love for animals shows in one of his other first calls. After rescuing three abandoned puppies, Denning decided to make one a part of his family. His son named the dog Corn. He gave his dad a new nickname too.

My son got a new nickname for me. It’s ‘Paw Patrol,’” Denning said. “So that one really stuck with all my buddies in the city, too. They all sort of call me Paw Patrol now. So there’s that.”

Arvada is looking for more people to join their Animal Management team. You can apply here.

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