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In the 110 years of El Diario, dozens of professionals have passed through its newsroom who, with their work, strengthened the centenary legacy of our newspaper. With the arrival of the digital era, the editorial office left the walls of an office and today, the newspaper also has a digital presence.

These are the current members of the editorial staff of El Diario who reside in NY. It is made up of Spanish-speaking immigrant journalists who know first-hand the reality of our communities.

Our newsroom - El Diario NY | The USA Print

Luis F. Cañarte, editor of Autos

It is an honor to be able to address all our faithful readers of El Diario, El Campeón de los Hispanos, on its 110th anniversary. Words cannot begin to describe the everlasting gratitude to all the generations that have accompanied us for more than a century of permanent existence. both in the good news for our community and in the not so pleasant ones.
El Diario will continue to carry the message of unconditional support to each of you but above all that of credibility and exclusive and entertaining information on all its digital platforms and in the printed newspaper, which since 1913 became the first voice of Hispanics in this great nation. Celebrate with us these 110 years full of optimism in the face of adversity.
From our journalistic trench, fraternal hugs for all!

Our newsroom - El Diario NY | The USA Print

Liseth Pérez-Almeida, editor of Life and Style

For the last 12 years I have had the pleasure and responsibility of being in charge of the Entertainment and Life and Style sections of El Diario, and from here I have been able to see the growth of Latin artists in the United States until they reach the place they occupy. currently: the peak.
I hope to continue bringing you daily news from our singers, actors, designers, chefs and creators in general so that you, like us, feel proud to be part of the country’s Hispanic community and the changes and progress we have made in all areas. Keep the party going!

Our newsroom - El Diario NY | The USA Print

Verónica Romero, Community editor

I learned about El Diario through my father, an immigrant who came to the United States in search of the American Dream and found in its pages a way to stay informed and connected to his roots.
In the 24 years that I have worked at this newspaper, I have witnessed the tireless work to maintain that commitment to Hispanics, capturing in its pages the stories of empowerment, struggles, triumphs and defeats of our community, until consolidating itself as a reference for the same.
Now as we celebrate the 110th anniversary of its founding, I express my deep gratitude to our readers, who have made it possible for El Diario to continue being ‘The Champion of Hispanics’.

Our newsroom - El Diario NY | The USA Print

Edwin Martínez, local reporter

Fight, dream, fight, dream, fight, dream, dream again and fight again. And to respect and enforce our rights, as workers, as immigrants, as parents, as a community, as human beings, which is ultimately what we all are, regardless of our differences, our beliefs, our sexual orientation, our color, our age, and our way of seeing the world, that should be what always guides us.
And in the midst of so many situations that challenge us daily and that often seem overwhelming, our pages, which have been in existence for 110 years, will continue to be the best weapon for you to continue reporting abuses and abuses and for you to know your rights and the sea ​​of ​​possibilities that agencies and organizations offer. El Diario NY is the champion and defender of Hispanics, and faithful to that principle that New York is a beacon of defense of the most vulnerable, where no one should allow abuse or labels, simply for being who we are, or who we want. being, or seeking a better life, we are still here to listen to them and give them a voice.
Whatever those who still, clumsily, refuse to give value to our people say, and as has been heard so many times from the Brooklyn Bridge to Staten Island and from Roosevelt Avenue to El Barrio, Sunset Park, Washington Heights , The Bronx and even other corners of this Big Apple, which has had a Latin flavor for a long time: there is no doubt that ‘We are here and we are not leaving’.

Our newsroom - El Diario NY | The USA Print

Fernando Martínez, local reporter

As a Hispanic, immigrant and journalism professional, I am very sensitive to the challenges of the working class of this extraordinary city. I know it means starting from scratch, having almost everything against you, especially the language barrier. And yet, find that extraordinary side of a supportive and human city.
With El Diario, I had the opportunity since 2019, not only to reconnect with a newsroom, but to begin touring our neighborhoods, conceiving each journalistic piece as a tool to guide the most vulnerable communities, which only coincide in the same language. , but they have totally different cultures, interests, desires and visions. Therefore, symbolically constructing the Hispanic reality in the Big Apple is doubly challenging.
I feel very honored to be part of a great medium that has historically played an important role in accompanying the joys, achievements and tragedies of Hispanics in New York City.

Our newsroom - El Diario NY | The USA Print

Andrés Correa, digital content editor

At midnight my vampire day begins reviewing the latest news in the tri-state area, reviewing the publications of our excellent team of reporters and the news.
My priority is breaking local news, with special emphasis on topics with Hispanic protagonists and updating our platforms. In 1829 the Scottish author John Wilson said “the sun never sets in the British Empire.” Almost 200 years later, the same applies to New York. Journalism is not a job, it is a passion. Thank you to all readers for the indelible and anonymous support.

Our newsroom - El Diario NY | The USA Print

Marielis Acevedo Irizarry, digital content editor

For 110 years El Diario de Nueva York has documented the history and struggles of Hispanics in the Big Apple in depth and inclusively. This achievement would not be possible without the contribution of many communications professionals of different origins and backgrounds over the years; and the trust and loyalty of the readers who continue to bet on the quality of the content of this newspaper, the only one in Spanish published daily in the Big Apple. Thank you to each of you who read us, whether in the printed or digital version. As a Puerto Rican who has been part of the “Hispanic Champion” team for more than 11 years, my commitment to producing content that helps Puerto Ricans and other communities have a better quality of life will continue to be my priority.

Our newsroom - El Diario NY | The USA Print

Jesús García, editor of Politics, digital content

It is a pleasure to continue my professional development as part of the El Diario team, where I have written mainly about politics and immigration, but my journalistic journey about Latinos in New York has also taken me to emblematic places, such as a restaurant in Queens or El Museo of the neighborhood in Harlem. Thank you for sharing your stories, your desires, concerns and, above all, continuing to be part of our community of readers.

Our newsroom - El Diario NY | The USA Print

Rafael Cores, vice president of digital content

El Diario has been my home for the last 10 years. And perhaps in this last decade, now centenary, has been when it has grown and evolved the most.
Now El Diario, in addition to a paper newspaper and a website, is a YouTube channel with tens of thousands of daily views, a Facebook with more than a million followers, an Instagram that publishes photos and reels without pause, and much more .
From the heart of New York, El Diario has managed to expand beyond the Big Apple, with readers throughout the United States and even outside the country.
It is a pride to be part of this great community that continues to grow around our reason for being: helping and informing Hispanics who have a connection with New York, wherever they are.

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