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Oyster Diving Is Now Booking Red Sea Trips On The M/Y Scuba Scene

Oyster Diving Is Now Booking Red Sea Trips On The M/Y Scuba Scene thumbnail

Dive tour operator Oyster Diving has announced a new collaboration with the Red Sea liveaboard vessel M/Y Scuba Scene.

The four-deck, 43-meter/141-foot, steel-hulled Scuba Scene has each cabin affording guests their own fridge, en-suite bathroom and air-conditioning.

Other on-board facilities include two large ice machines, sundecks, bar, professional coffee and espresso maker, camera tables, as well as lots of international power charging stations and places to store valuables.

Additionally, a washing machine and dryer mean guests can bring fewer clothes to reduce their luggage weight or bring more of their diving kit.

But what really sets this liveaboard apart is the team who run it, Ahmed Fadel and Dr. Elke Bojanowski.

Fadel, an experienced Tech instructor up to Advanced Trimix, has been a guide on liveaboards for over 21 years and is the author of the book “Southern Red Sea Dive Guide.”

Bojanowski, having completing her Ph.D in marine biology, set up and now runs the Red Sea Shark Trust, which today boasts the biggest database for oceanic whitetip sharks in the world.

Since January 2019, all dive guides working on Liveaboards in the Egyptian Red Sea have had to attend a mandatory seminar on guidelines and safe diving practices for interactions with oceanic whitetip sharks. The seminar was written and presented by Elke and has been attended by more than 1400 guides and other dive professionals to date.

Red Sea Liveaboard M/Y Scuba Scene (Image credit: Brian Dobson)
Red Sea Liveaboard M/Y Scuba Scene (Image credit: Brian Dobson)

Itineraries include Brothers, Daedalus & Elphinstone, Daedulus & St. Johns, Shark Weeks, photography weeks with Duxy, and classic North & Tiran trips. All itineraries are tech-friendly, and special Tech trips are on offer.

Prices start from £1,000/~US$1,396/~1,150 Euros per person for a week including transfers to/from the airport, seven nights’ accommodation in a twin room, meals and snacks, water, soft drinks, tea & coffee, 12ltr tank and weights, marine park and port fees.

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