Passenger describes frightening scene when JetBlue plane suddenly tilted backward

A California woman is recounting the terrifying moment when a JetBlue flight suddenly tipped backward at New York’s JFK Airport on Sunday night.

JetBlue Flight 662 had just landed from Barbados around 8:30 p.m. local time and passengers were in the process of disembarking. That’s when, according to Ulli Haslacher from Claremont, California, the plane suddenly became unstable.

“We heard a noise and we felt falling,” Haslacher told KTLA on Monday. “I was standing at the time and fell back.”

JetBlue Mishap
Video posted to Citizen App shows the JetBlue plane tilted backward at New York’s JFK Airport. Oct. 22, 2023. (Citizen)

Unsure of what was happening, Haslacher said she immediately feared for her safety and thought about her family.

“I was thinking that I’m not going to see my grandchildren … I’m not going to see my kids again. It was very stressful.”

The plane, which Haslacher believes still had around 80 people onboard, had shifted due to a weight imbalance. Video posted to Citizen App shows the front of the plane pointing upwards with its tail on the ground.

Haslacher says passengers started moving “uphill” toward the front of the plane, causing it to suddenly shift back to its normal position. That’s when, she says, a young flight attendant calmly directed passengers to spread out through the fuselage to stabilize it.

Another attendant, she says, was too distressed to help.

Everyone disembarked without further incident and no injuries were reported.

Haslacher later boarded her connecting flight to Los Angeles and arrived home without any further drama. She credits the flight attendant for making the best of a difficult situation but is understandably frustrated with JetBlue.

“I think there needs to be a real investigation of what happened,” she said.

JetBlue immediately took the plane out of service and issued a statement saying they were reviewing the incident.

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