Paul O’Sullivan: Ramaphosa has been set up, must not abandon SA by resigning

Paul O’Sullivan: Ramaphosa has been set up, must not abandon SA by resigning thumbnail

Forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan says the entire Phala Phala scandal threatening SA’s President is a setup engineered by disgraced former cabinet minister Arthur Fraser, his ‘sleeper’ inside the Ramaphosa household and ‘flexible’ journalists. He says there is no case for Ramaphosa to answer as Fraser’s affidavit, which sparked the controversy, is long on hearsay and short on fact. O’Sullivan urges Ramaphosa to display backbone and reject calls for his departure, saying he must not abandon the country in its hour of need. To resign now, the Forensics for Justice founder adds, would be an admission of guilt. He spoke to Alec Hogg of BizNews.

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00:28 Paul’s view the possibility of Ramaphosa resigning

04:45 On Arthur Fraser exposing something about Phala Phala

11:32 On Walter Reuter

00:17:06 On whether Ramaphosa is stepping off the stage or not

00:19:34 On the potential downfall of the presidency

00:21:39 On Ramaphosa being set up

Alec Hogg’s Interview notes:

From Forensics for Justice: Arthur Fraser – To Face the Music for Releasing Zuma?

Arthur Fraser, is set to face criminal charges for unlawfully releasing Zuma from Prison. Forensics for Justice have also requested a Corruption investigation against him, because of his cosy relationship with corrupt ex-President, Jacob Zuma. Read below, the Supreme Court of Appeal Judgment and the additional charges requested by Paul O’Sullivan against Fraser. Said Paul O’Sullivan, Forensics for Justice Founder, these corrupt cabals led by Zuma have made a mockery of the rule of law in South Africa and we are determined to ensure that the wind changes direction soon.” To help Forensics for Justice with this work, please consider making a donation, or buy the book “STOP ME IF YOU CAN”, the proceeds of which , help fund our work.

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To read the full documentation related to the criminal case, click here.

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