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Aleida Núñez has livedor in recent months a constant persecution around his love life. The questions have not only arisen from the mouths of journalists, but also from fans of Pepe Gámez and Madison Anderson, who have insisted on emphasizing that it is not fair to consider Núñez a victim of Pepe, after he formalized his romance with the Puerto Rican, winner of the third edition of Telemundo’s La Casa de los Famosos.

Videos were published on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok in which Aleida’s romance with Martín Babilotte was narrated, a Frenchman who apparently has been part of her love life for years and with whom she even already had a romance prior to her marriage. entrance to LCDLF 3.

The above was part of the reasons why many “morritas”, fans of Pepe Gámez, did not support the possibility of him establishing a relationship with Aleida, they assured that the actress and singer never felt anything real and honest for the Mexican. . And now that they confirm that the singer’s relationship has been going on for years, they remember her kisses with Pepe and point her out even more, alleging that she then played with “el morrito” to whom she sang “you are the love of my life,” during a of the reality shows.

They point out Verónica Bastos and Jimena Gallego

The fans are now also pointing out the journalists Verónica Bastos and Jimena Gallego who on several occasions, apparently, tended to disfavor Pepe’s relationship with Madison, alleging that they had believed in the feelings that both Pepe and Aleida professed within the house, months before the final. These, for many, showed a clear tendency to favor the narrative that Aleida could have become a victim of the great villain of the soap opera “Juego de Mentiras.”

Aleida Núñez’s fans, on the other hand, celebrate that she is happy with her lover and have created videos in which they expose her romance with her Frenchman. Which are serving to demonstrate that her supposed feelings for Pepe Gámez were never real. For all this, Pepison’s faithful followers insist that the media insist on presenting Pepe as a traitor.

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