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Photos show underwater volcano’s explosive eruption in Vanuatu

Photos show underwater volcano’s explosive eruption in Vanuatu thumbnail

Earlier this week, an underwater volcano off the coast of Vanuatu’s East Epi erupted, spewing ash around the island’s sky. The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazards Department shared photos of the eruption on Facebook, giving online viewers a good look at the overall devastation sent flying into the sky.

The Vanuatu volcano eruption is yet another reminder of how volatile parts of our planet can be, with reports showing that the ask kicked up from the event was sometimes sent hurtling 100 meters into the sky. The volcano in question lies just 68 kilometers north of the capital city of Port Vila. Activity at the underwater eruption began just before 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

Witnesses of the event say that the ground began to shake and smoke above the site was visible in the early morning hours. However, not long after, explosions from the Vanuatu volcano eruption began to ring out across the nearby shore. As of Wednesday, officials had warned locals to avoid the coast and boats within the area were cautioned to stay on alert when traveling nearby.

What is most concerning about these underwater eruptions is that they have a tendency to lead to tsunamis. In the past, we’ve seen volcano eruptions create massive tsunamis. However, the most recent Vanuatu volcano eruption does not appear to have created an tsunamis based on information coming from the area. However, the eruptions could continue.

If they continue, it’s possible that the islands in the area could also feel earthquakes from the eruptions, which could also lead to tsunamis being created in the area. For now, though, all the locals can do is wait and see how these most recent Vanuatu volcano eruptions play out and whether or not additional problems crop up over the coming days.

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The eruption of underwater volcanos like this can cause a litany of problems, but they can also even cause some breathtaking results, too, with newly birthed islands sometimes popping up where underwater eruptions take place.

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