Police investigating death threats written on high school bathroom wall


(BCN) — Police in Petaluma are investigating disturbing messages written on a bathroom wall at a high school on Friday.

Detectives have opened a case into death threats on a bathroom wall written in black ink at Petaluma High School, located on Fair Street.

According to police, one message read, “Date: Monday 10/23/23 is the day I kill. I’m going to shoot up the school and my first person is [name redacted]. So watch out Monday is your guys (sic) day.”

Two students were named in the threat, according to police. A third student was also singled out with derogatory names and “wishing death upon them,” Petaluma detectives said.

School administrators and police narrowed down a few persons of interest in the case using video footage near the bathroom and relationships to the named students.

“The threats are possibly related to an ongoing conflict amongst a small group of students,” said police.

Interviews with students and parents were carried out, but as of Sunday, officers have not established probable cause to make any arrests, Petaluma Police said.

“We recognize the stress and anxiety these situations create for students, parents, and community members,” said police on Sunday in a statement. “We are working collaboratively to create a safe environment on campus.”

Police said that they will have an increased presence on campus Monday.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have information about this case, especially students, to come forward to either the police or school faculty. Anonymous tips can also be emailed to or by calling (707) 778-4373.

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