Police respond to shooting at July Fourth parade

Police respond to shooting at July Fourth parade thumbnail
  • At least five dead, 16 injured in Fourth of July parade shooting in Highland Park, Illinois

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    Police respond to shooting at July Fourth parade

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    ‘We have to do everything we can’ Lawmakers call for national action on abortion

    04: 58

  • Fmr. aide to Mark Meadows, Cassidy Hutchinson, testifies before Jan. 6 Cmte

    11: 30

  • What SCOTUS abortion ruling could mean for Democrats and Republicans ahead of midterms

    07: 54

  • Jan. 6 committee announces additional hearing for tomorrow

    01: 34

  • What the SCOTUS abortion decision could mean for marriage equality and other rights

    10: 11

  • House passes bipartisan gun legislation

    01: 32

  • David Hogg: Supreme Court made ‘radical decision’ by overturning New York gun law

    06: 56

  • Roger Goodell testifies before House on Washington Commanders’ workplace, Dan Snyder a no-show

    02: 53

  • Andrew Gillum indicted for wire fraud, lying to FBI

    00: 40

  • Jan. 6 committee obtains unseen documentary footage of Trump family and White House

    02: 22

  • ‘We are at a time of war’ Biden advisor on his message to oil companies

    06: 45

  • Fed raises interest rates by 0.75%, marking biggest hike since 1994

    05: 54

  • POLITICO correspondent on vote count memo from Pence’s lawyer

    03: 15

  • Judge denies Steve Bannon’s motion to dismiss contempt of Congress indictment

    01: 38

  • “I would rate it for our movement as an A+”: Brady President on bipartisan gun deal

    05: 49

  • A teacher at Columbine and survivor of the 1999 school shooting speaks on recent gun violence

    05: 09

  • “Necessary step towards transparency and accountability”: Rep. Neguse on 1/6 hearings

    04: 56

  • TX reporter on his exclusive interview with Uvalde school police chief

    02: 55

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