Princess Margaret’s ‘chainsmoking’ morning rituals ensured a leisurely start to the day

Princess Margaret's ‘chainsmoking’ morning rituals ensured a leisurely start to the day thumbnail

PRINCESS Margaret was never in a hurry to start her day and would rarely emerge from her bedroom before lunch time.

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Her morning routine was a drawn out lavish affair that befitted a woman of her social standing and fame. The author Craig Brown provides a tantalising insight into the morning rituals of the Queen’s younger sister in his book ‘Ma’am Darling’. According to Mr Brown, Margaret would wake up each day at around 9am.

Thereupon she would have “breakfast in bed, followed by two hours in bed listening to the radio, reading the newspapers (which she invariably left scattered over the floor) and chain-smoking.”

Having brushed up on the news, the Princess would then proceed to fortify her spirits with an hour in the bath, before doing her hair and make-up.

Once dressed, she would emerge from her room at 12.30 and make her way downstairs for a refreshing “vodka pick-me-up”.


PRINCESS Margaret was never in a hurry to start her day (Image: Getty)


Princess Margaret with the Queen Mother and the Queen (Image: Getty)

Princess Margaret was often perceived as the black sheep of the Royal Family.

She possessed a rebellious spirit and wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries in challenging traditional conventions.

Margaret led a glamorous lifestyle, often partying with the stars.

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Margaret led a glamorous lifestyle, often partying with the stars. (Image: Getty)

She also famously had an affair with a gardener, 17 years younger than herself.

Her character was the polar opposite to that of her elder sister, but she believed the two complemented one another.

She once said: “When there are two sisters and one is the Queen who must be the source of all honour and all that is good, the other must be the focus of the most creative malice, the evil sister.”


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Princess Margaret was married to Lord Snowdon (Image: Getty)

Despite their temperamental differences, the Queen and Margaret were connected by a strong “primal bond”, according to Royal author Andrew Morton.

Central to their relationship was Margaret’s deep sense of loyalty to her sister.

Mr Morton describes her as being the “wingman” to the Queen, able to say things the sovereign may have thought, but could not express.

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