PS5 Restock: It’s Thanksgiving and the PS5 is is in stock at Walmart

PS5 Restock: It’s Thanksgiving and the PS5 is is in stock at Walmart thumbnail

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Noah McGraw

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Walmart Black Friday deals have come out top again with a rare moment — the PlayStation 5 is back in stock! Right now, you can buy a PlayStation 5 with God of War Ragnarok for $559. It remains incredibly difficult to get hold of a PlayStation 5 with restocks simply not happening often. Now is your chance. Don’t delay. Hit that button and buy. If you do need a little more time, read on while we tell you why you need it.

Why you should buy the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is a seriously great games console. Launched in November 2020, it’s the latest and greatest of the bunch offering speedy hardware, a great new controller and some fantastic games. It uses a custom processor and graphics card to ensure that games look fantastic. Alongside that, its DualSense wireless controller gives you a more tactile experience thanks to its enhanced haptics which mean you feel feedback in a more natural way than simple vibrations. It feels great in your hands. It’s super satisfying being able to shoot in a first-person shooter and have each weapon feel different. That effect feels just as satisfying when swinging around as Marvel’s Spider-Man too.

While the PlayStation 5’s looks may have been a little divisive when it was first announced, it looks pretty stylish and eye-catching under your TV. It exudes that sense of high-end gaming which is exactly what you’re going to get here. The best PS5 games are truly fantastic. With this bundle, you get Astro’s Playroom which is a great way of showcasing the PS5’s technology. You also get one of the latest and greatest games — God of War Ragnarok. The game looks phenomenal while offering spectacular combat and rewarding exploration. It’s the perfect game to have with your new games console.

The PlayStation 5 with God of War Ragnarok bundle is available now at Walmart for $559. Stock with this console is in exceptionally high demand so if you want it, you need to hit that buy button now. It really isn’t going to stick around for long but it’s definitely going to be the games console purchase that you won’t regret.

Other ways to buy the PlayStation 5

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