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It’s latte season, but not the latte you drink. We’re talking about the latte makeup trend, and we’re gonna show you how to get the look, without spilling any coffee on your face.

The only thing hotter than your pumpkin spice latte is the latte makeup trend.

Makeup artist Yanet Ruiz from Blushed Miami says getting the look is simpler than you think.

Yanet Ruiz: “The latte makeup trend consists of different tones browns and warm colors — bronze, golds. It’s a very simple look that anyone can do from home.”

Even celebs have a latte love for the look.

Yanet Ruiz: “Some of the celebrities that have been doing this trend are Hailey Bieber, Shay Mitchell, you have Kylie Jenner. So the look is very neutral, and they have been wearing this look for quite a while that has now become popular.”

To get your brew going, start with the eyes.

Yanet Ruiz: “We started with a transition color closer to her skin color. To add more dimension, we slowly built up our browns to a darker brown. We added a shimmery gold shadow on the lid, which tied the look together.”

Then it’s time to get your bronze on.

Yanet Ruiz: “So, for the cheeks you can add a bronzer around the face to lift the cheeks, and you can also add a little bit of highlight to just give it that dimension and that glow.”

The key is to avoid bright pinks and lots of blush, but if you still want some color on your cheeks…

Yanet Ruiz: “If you really want to add blush, I would stick to warm colors where it can tie everything together, and it can look seamless. So, for lips, we did a darker brown for the liner, and we used a lighter shade of brown to blend that in, and then we added some gloss for an extra pop.”

To really nail down the look, less is always more.

Yanet Ruiz: “You want to be very light-handed with your bronzer and your highlights, and build up as you need. So really, you just really need a bronzer palette, and it can go a long way.”

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