Queen Victoria’s knickers up for sale

Queen Victoria’s knickers up for sale

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a curious museum to sell off some unusual items including a dodo bone, a unicorn skull and Queen Victoria’s knickers. Viktor Wynd is selling the eccentric exhibits to keep his Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & UnNatural History afloat. Wynd said: “In the last year we haven’t been able to trade so our finances are disastrous. When we do open, will people want to visit an underground cramped museum?”

Time traveller says world will go dark for 72 hours

A time traveller from the future has claimed the world will be plunged into darkness for 72 hours with lights only “coming from the pyramids”. In a video on TikTok, the man – who says he is from the year 2582 – warned people to start preparing for the mysterious event, which he insists will happen in five years time. However, one viewer wasn’t so sure, writing: “It’s not real, he has had multiple videos saying stuff would happen then they never did and he deleted the videos.”

Japanese town uses Covid funds for squid statue

The rural town of Noto in Ishikawa, Japan has used a Covid-19 relief payment worth millions of yen to install a huge statue of a squid. It is hoped that the statue, which stands at 29 feet wide, 13 feet tall and 42 feet long, will help draw in tourists once the pandemic is over. Local media says the town planners were “taking a long, post-pandemic view with the project”.

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