Reader still appreciates Prius advice … and her Prius: Roadshow

Q: Way back in 2011, I commented on your Prius lovefest. My beloved Passat had just been totaled by an enormous SUV. As I drive-tested new cars (including Audi A4, BMW and Infiniti), I was surprised that I preferred the Prius. I bought it. You contacted me a year later and asked me how I felt then. Of course, I loved it… and still do.

I’m glad that I listened to you.

Sally Chappel

A: I’m glad the advice, and Prius, worked out well for you.

Q: I recall a requirement to signal for at least 100 feet before making the advertised move. Is that true?


A: The California Driver’s Handbook says to signal:

  • At least 100 feet before you turn
  • Before every lane change
  • At least five seconds before you change lanes on a freeway
  • Before pulling next to or away from a curb
  • Even when you do not see other vehicles around you
  • When you are almost through an intersection if you will turn shortly after the intersection

Q: I really love your newspaper articles on Bay Area road woes.

I’ve commuted all my career in the Bay Area and have noticed much more traffic on freeways post-pandemic.

Here’s my pet peeve. It’s at the left turn at northbound Coleman and Brokaw. Because there is always a huge backup there, I’ve noticed almost 50 percent of drivers make a right turn at Brokaw, then U-turn to try to circumvent the long line at Coleman. They are a bunch of cheaters, while most of us dutifully get in the long line at Coleman.

Please report this to the SJ Police Department so they can catch them.

Now I feel better!

Andres Valdez

A: Glad you love the column. I’ll forward your concern.

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