Relatives ID four killed in Mayaro home invasion

Relatives ID four killed in Mayaro home invasion thumbnail

The four men fatally shot in an exchange of gunfire with police officers who responded to a home invasion in Mayaro on Monday have been identified.

They are Odell Prieto, 40, of Covigne Road, Diego Martin; Keshon Rojas, 23, of Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas; Akel George, 29, of Second Caledonia, Barataria; and Akini Simmons.

Prieto, Rojas and George were identified by their relatives, police said yesterday.

In 2020, Rojas was one of four men charged with a string of robberies and home invasions in West Trinidad. He was facing two char­ges of false imprisonment, two of robbery with violence, assault by threats, using threatening language, and receiving stolen goods.

A photo of Rojas is on the TTPS social media pages that detailed information about his pending court matters.

Prieto, Rojas, George and Simmons were fatally shot by police on the compound of the Krista Park ga­ted commu­nity property in Beaumont Road where they and three others staged a home invasion on Monday morning.

Their three accomplices who escaped are believed to have scaled the back wall of the premises, ran through a track alongside a box drain that runs through the gated community, then scaled another wall which led them to the beginning of Beaumont Road near the Guayaguayare Mayaro Road.

Police suspect that two getaway vehicles were awaiting them on the Guayaguayare Road, and when the accomplices emerged, they sped off and escaped.

Officers are still searching for those who escaped the crime scene.

The seven men ambushed a businessman, his wife and teenage son, and held them under siege until police responded and confronted them.

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Police rescued the 43-year-old businessman and his wife, age 42, and their 16-year-old son who were found with their hands and feet bound with duct tape in their home.

What happened

The couple had left their home in their vehicle around 7 a.m. and headed to Rio Claro, during which time the bandits ambushed the teenager.

When his parents returned home around 8.45 a.m., they were accosted by the men.

A neighbour contacted police and a police team under the supervision of Sgt Mohammed respon­ded.

A police report said the bandits—who were armed with firearms—opened fire on the police officers, and they returned fire.

When the exchange of gunfire ceased, the four men were dead.

Police said they retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun, three nine-millimetre pistols and an air rifle.

The 12-gauge shotgun and two of the nine-millimetre pistols were discovered to be the property of the businessman, the report said.

A quantity of cash was also found scattered on the premises in proximity of the deceased men.

The robbery victims were taken to seek medical attention at the Mayaro District Health Facility.

A party of officers under the supervision of Snr Supt Khan, Supt Wayne Doodhai, ASP Jankie, Insps Ramkissoon and Ramlakhan, and crime scene investigators processed the scene.

Supt Doodhai is continuing investigations.

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