Released footage of Spherical UFO filmed in 2019 around the USS Omaha

Released footage of Spherical UFO filmed in 2019 around the USS Omaha thumbnail


A spherical UFO was filmed in San Diego around the USS Omaha in 2019 and that UFO guy Jeremy Corbell got the footage.

This footage was filmed in the CIC (Combat Information Center) of the USS Omaha on July 15th 2019 in a warning area off San Diego. This footage depicts a UAP event series that reached a crescendo with one of the unknown targets entering the water. No wreckage found. None of the unknown craft were recovered.

Like all UFO footage, it’s predictably of terrible quality despite being filmed in 2019 and with military equipment. Is this what the US Navy is working with? Did they not get the memo that cameras are good now? They’d have gotten better footage if they just replaced all their fancy equipment with an iPhone.

Keep going for the full video. I want to believe, but I also want there to be UFO footage that isn’t always just the absolute lowest quality footage ever captured.

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