Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Process for next House speaker is ’embarrassing for the nation’


Former House speaker Kevin McCarthy called for unity in his party Sunday while saying the GOP is “embarrassing” in its inability to coalesce around a candidate to be the next speaker.

The field of Republican candidates has swelled to nine since House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan dropped out Friday after failing in three rounds of voting on the House floor.

“I just know this is not a time to play games,” Mr. McCarthy, California Republican, told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “This is embarrassing for the Republican Party. It’s embarrassing for the nation, and we need to look at one another and solve the problem.”

The House will enter its third week without a speaker this week. House Republicans will hold another private candidate forum Monday evening to select another speaker designee.

Mr. McCarthy has endorsed Majority Whip Tom Emmer, Minnesota Republican, for speaker.

“I’m going to lead in any capacity to protect America,” Mr. McCarthy said. “I’m going to work to secure our border. I’m going to work to stop the inflation. I’m going to make sure war does not break out in Israel, and that Israel has every resource they need to defend themselves. But most importantly, I’m going to press this administration.”


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