Rescue Dog Obsessed With Playing on Slide Wins Pet of the Week

This week, we’ve seen what it’s like to wash one of the biggest horses in the world and a kitten hijacking a man’s dinner in the cutest way possible.

As well as viral pictures and videos of animals, we have been putting together our weekly Newsweek Pet of the Week with our reader’s cutest videos and pictures.

If you want your pet to be part of next week’s line-up, be sure to follow the instructions at the end of this story.


Silly the dog
Rescue dog Silly. The 1-year-old is this week’s Newsweek Pet of the Week.
Leon Dekelbaum

This week, our Pet of the Week winner is 1-year-old rescue dog Silly.

Living in San Diego, California, with owner Leon Dekelbaum, Silly has an unusual hobby for a dog—she loves playing on the slide at the local park.

In a hilarious video, Silly has been captured running around the park and playing on the slide—much to the joy of her owner.

“I was surprised because she is usually so afraid of different things,” Dekelbaum told Newsweek, adding that, at first, he had to walk with her to show her how it worked. “I was more surprised that she wanted to do it again. Initially, I had to walk with her around to show her how to get down, but now she just runs up and down it.”

A big fan of running and hiking, Silly is a friendly pup who always wants to greet everyone she meets.

“She is super affectionate, and it’s been a struggle to get her to stop kissing. She likes to cuddle by leaning into you upside-down, so her tail is up in the air. She’s so happy and embraces new experiences and people,” said Dekelbaum.

Easy to train and very responsive, her owner added that the biggest joy has been seeing Silly grow into a confident and loving dog since being adopted in February of this year.

“She loves playing with her dog friends and tug-of-war,” the owner said. “She loves running in the ocean and splashing in the waves and loves car rides.

“It’s been a joy to watch her go from a dog who had never even lived inside when I got her in early February to the confident pup she is now.”


Comet the cat
Five-year-old Comet the cat, who is mostly blind, with his owner’s husband. Angie Cox told Newsweek that he loves to crawl on his chest.
Angie Cox

Our first finalist this week is Comet, a 5-year-old cat that is mostly blind and described by his owner as “the kindest, most sweet cat.”

Living with Angie Cox in Whitewater, Wisconsin, he was given to his owner by her sister when her existing cat would not accept Comet.

“When he gets picked up, he puts his paws around your neck and hugs you,” Cox told Newsweek. “When my husband is sleeping, he crawls on his chest and puts his paws around his neck and hugs him and falls asleep. I am so very blessed to have him.”

Gibbs the dog
Gibbs the dog. Today, the former stray is living his best life playing frisbee.
Melanie Totenbier

Next up this week is a little dog with large personality. Gibbs is a rescue pup that was found wandering the streets before being adopted by owner Melanie Totenbier.

“He was found wandering around the streets of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The shelter held him longer than normal, thinking his owners would for sure come get him,” Totenbier told Newsweek. “He is 23 pounds but acts like he’s 123 pounds.”

A “cuddle bug” who loves playing with his two bigger canine brothers, Gibbs’ favorite thing is to play frisbee and run around with the larger dogs.

Chubb the dog
Chubb the pit bull pup. His owner says he is constantly charming.
Darlene Knight

Finally this week is Chubb, a 3-year-old pit bull that was adopted by owner Darlene Knight from a Georgia, Atlanta, shelter.

“He is named after Nick Chubb, the former Georgia bulldog and now running back for the Cleveland Browns,” Knight told Newsweek.

“He has a Dennis the Menace attitude and is never far from his mama. He must always be touching me,” Knight said.

Despite his bully breed, his owner added that Chubb helps break any stigma daily with his charm.

He lives in Woodstock, Georgia, with his three pit bull siblings, and his favorite things include eating and watching the football.

Do you have funny and adorable videos or pictures of your pet you want to share? Send them to with some details about your best friend, and they could appear in our Pet of the Week lineup.

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