Returnal May Be Porting to PC Soon

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Returnal’s PC Port May Happen Sooner Than Later

Returnal is known as one of the must-play PS5 exclusives of late. It perfectly showcases Housemarque’s skill and talent. Unfortunately, only PS5 users have been able to enjoy the game since its launch. The good news is that it would seem this is about to change very soon.

A newly discovered SteamDB listing that a PC port for the game could be happening in the near future. A projected called Oregon was spotted by eagle-eyed fans. Although this is clearly a codename, its localization tags are a dead giveaway.

returnal porting to pc soon

The tags contain certain words that point that the project could actually be Returnal. They include Atropos, which is the the planet setting for the game. Moreover, the Tower of Sisypuhus was also mentioned. Fans of the game are well aware that this is an endless tower increasingly challenging enemies that devs first introduced in March.

This build has constantly been getting updates on a daily basis. In fact, it would seem that devs are updating it multiple times a day. This has Returnal fans believing that a PC port is coming soon.

This is actually not the first time that a PS5 exclusive made its way to PC. Other huge titles also made their way to PC. Furthermore, a PC port for Returnal is not an entirely surprising move. After all, it was among the titles in the massive Nvidia GeForce Now database leak last fall.

What fans really want to know now is what type of PC enhancements the game is going to offer on the platform. The PC port for God of War brought fully customizable controls, key bindings, ultra wide monitor support, and 4K resolution with unlocked frame rates. Fans are expecting Returnal’s port to take the game’s photo mode to the next level.

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