Ruthleess Marketing Launches Exclusive Offer On Freelance Platform

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The Garfield, NJ-based company solidifies its initiative to assist micro and startup businesses using a freelance platform

Business owners now know there is power in a press release. How do you capitalize on this tool? Ruthleess Marketing™ has created a new project on the freelancing platform, Fiverr to help micro and small businesses maximize PR tools available to them. The offer from the company is exclusively on the freelancing platform beginning September 1st.

CEO and Founder, BA Jenkins is committed to the growth of micro-businesses.  “Since the aggressive growth of start-up companies over the last two years there is an increase of business owners trying to get to market. Their roadblock is not knowing how to bring a crowd with them to the marketplace,” Other client challenges such as budget and knowledge were recognized by the public relations agency. Jenkins continues, “We are making this exclusive to the platform that has allowed us to reach the most micro businesses per month. In our time on Fiverr, we have seen the gaps in our client’s plans for getting a release curated.”

Ruthleess Marketing™ provides public relations and copywriting services. The company’s specialty is media relations, focusing on positioning clients as experts in the media using media outlets. BA Jenkins’ company has been on the platform since February 2022 (with the alias of “lether”). The decision made in Q4 of 2021 included the initiative to assist micro businesses with exposure.

Ruthleess Marketing™ has expanded its team of freelancers officially in August 2022 in order to dedicate time to other areas of the media relations process. The team of 5-10 freelancers consists of copywriters, publicists, pr assistants, and media contributors. Despite the increase of hires, the media relations agency will not increase prices immediately. Ruthleess Marketing™ does expect a 10%-20% price increase of all gigs on the platform to occur by the end of Q4 of 2022. Currently, the CEO has not adjusted the offer pricing. Learn more about Ruthleess Marketing™ and the BA Jenkins’ initiative here.

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Ruthleess Marketing is a marketing and PR firm with a focus of helping independent music artists, small businesses, and media outlets. The boutique firm owned by BA Jenkins is a namesake of her grandmother Ruth Lee.

Ruthleess Marketing is a Black woman owned business that strategizes and obtains opportunity for independent artists, as well as business owners clientele. The company also helps small media outlets catering to entertainment and celebrities.

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