Scottish projects show how to successfully support and empower care experienced young people

Scottish projects show how to successfully support and empower care experienced young people thumbnail
Eurochild member Children in Scotland publishes its “Evaluation of the Home and Belonging Initiative”

In 2019, Children in Scotland and Staf (Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum) were appointed by the Life Changes Trust to evaluate the Home and Belonging initiative. The £3 million Home and Belonging initiative explores innovative approaches to improving young people’s experiences as they move on from care and into their own homes.

Findings have shown that, with the right support, young people with experience of care can have access to safe and welcoming homes and can engage with their local community in positive and fulfilling ways. They have also shown how positive approaches to tackling challenges can help young people maintain tenancies as they leave care.

Funded projects have delivered a range of positive work that should be shared to inform planning and decision-making, funding decisions and day-to-day practice. These include approaches like the peer flatmate and life coaching initiatives; meaningfully embedding trauma-informed practices in policies through an elastic tolerance approach; building spaces in the community specifically for young people with experience of care; and learning from innovative work to embed the views of young people with experience of care in decision- making processes.

The evaluation assesses the effectiveness of the initiative in increasing the wellbeing of young people with

experience of care, particularly in relation to whether young people with experience of care have:

  • positive experiences of their home environment
  • feelings of belonging and connection to their communities
  • positive experiences transitioning out of their care placements
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The report includes recommendations for national and local decision-makers as well as practitioners and organisations working with young people. Through paid employment opportunities, the voices of young people with care experience played a significant role in shaping the evaluation activity and final evaluation outputs.

Key Findings

Full Evaluation of the Home and Belonging Initiative

For more information please contact David Mackay, Policy, Projects & Participation Manager:

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