SDPD police captain claims discrimination in lawsuit

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego police captain and his attorneys have come forward with troubling accusations against the department that includes claims of discrimination and corruption.

“It’s true in our department, we have nepotism, bullying and preferential treatment… this exists at our department and has existed for some time now,” San Diego Police Captain Albert Leos said.

Leos and his attorneys are suing the police department with claims of discrimination and corruption. According to his attorneys, the department has kept Leos and other Hispanics from advancing to top positions.

Leos, who has 36 years of experience, says he was inspired to become a police officer after serving the 1984 McDonald’s massacre in San Ysidro, where he was working when he was just 16 years old.

Leos says he’s been passed over numerous times in his attempts to be promoted within the department.

“Captain Leos tried, he applied, six different times and each time, white male San Diego Police Department leadership rejected him,” Gomez said.

Attorneys claim Leos was blacklisted when he was pressured, but refused to change a traffic report about a collision that resulted in civilian injuries and involved an officer, who is the son of police chief David Nisleit. Attorneys say the report was altered under Leos’ name without his consent or knowledge. Leos says when he raised concerns he was met with intimidation and harassment.

“I fear retaliation as I talk with you today, but doing the right thing overrides the fear that I have,” Leos said.

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