SEAN HANNITY: The Biden White House’s decision-making has been horrendous every step of the way

FOX News host Sean Hannity highlights several blunders from the Biden administration on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Phase two of the war against Hamas. It is now really imminent. And just before Joe announced, what, $100 million in US tax dollars in terms of aid for the Palestinian people. You’ve got to be kidding me. Does he really believe the money will go to the Palestinian people? And let us not forget, their elected representatives are the group Hamas, the group Hamas has in their charter the destruction of Israel as one of their top goals. That money will almost certainly end up in the hands of Hamas. I’ve seen this up close and personal. Money from the U.S., money from Israel, a network of underground tunnels. I have been in them. They are sophisticated. The architecture is sophisticated cement and long miles and miles, 100 feet underground. It’s all over going from Gaza to Israel. It’s insane what they have done with the money that was otherwise earmarked for hospitals and infrastructure and schools. Now they spent that money. Why? To plan, plot, scheme to kill more Israelis, to take more Israelis hostage. 


The administration has no way to track that aid once it crosses the very border that Hamas controls. In other words, Biden is likely gifting terrorists $100 million in U.S. taxpayer assistance. No. How about if you’re going to give them any money, at least get the hostages back, you know. Right? Get something for it. And if you want the electricity in Gaza, turned back on, give the hostages back. You want the lights on? You want the water to flow? You want services to begin again? Give the hostages back. Do that. And otherwise, you get nothing. And it’s not the first time. Right after Biden was sworn in, the White House sent what? Hundreds of millions of dollars? It ended up in the hands of Hamas. He’s making the same mistake again. 

Let’s not forget about the tens of billions of dollars that Iran is now enjoying after Biden eased sanctions on Iranian oil. Why would he want to make the Iranians rich again, knowing that they desperately want and are seeking nuclear capability? Of course, the money was used to orchestrate the terror attack in Israel. They were involved in the plotting, planning and scheming there. From Afghanistan to Iran to the border to federal spending, to making decision-making at this administration. It has been horrendous every step of the way.


And just last night, the White House tweeted this picture. Look at this. You know, how do you make a mistake like this? It’s Joe Biden meeting with our U.S. Special Forces. Here is the problem. Their faces weren’t pixeled out. They were not blurred out in the original post. And then hours after they end up doxxing members of our elite special forces and putting them and their families’ lives at risk, the White House decided, oh, maybe we should take that down, saying, Oops, so sorry. We regret the error and any issues that it may have caused. That’s it. That’s it. Really? Who made that mistake? Why are they still working? Anyway, there’s no accountability at the Biden White House. There’s no leadership there. And as we have said many times, the lights are on at the White House, but nobody’s home. 

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