Season 2 takes a deep dive into more ‘Loki’ lore

For newcomers to Disney+, what must they know to enjoy Season 2 of “Loki,” Marvel’s latest miniseries?

Do they hit Marvel history books?  Binge watch every Loki appearance since his debut in the 2011 “Thor”?

“I would say the only prerequisite to enjoying ‘Loki’ Season 2 is to watch ‘Loki’ Season 1,” laughed Marvel Creative Exec Kevin Wright in a Zoom interview.

The series, he noted, was always planned to be told in two seasons, each with 6-episode stories.

“We’ve told so many stories and they reached a lot of people but I’m sure there were people going, ‘How do I pick up in this?’ We wanted to give a new entry in that first episode of Season 1 where we catch up with Loki — with the past 10 years of movies at that point.

“You can come in, watch ‘Loki’ Season 1 and go straight into Season 2 and you will really enjoy it. And if you enjoy it, you can go even deeper by diving into the past movies. But they certainly are not a prerequisite to enjoying this.”

What’s really remarkable is how Loki has transformed from a villain to his current heroic stature.

“That speaks to the power of this character. Not just in Marvel but in large part to Tom Hiddleston and what he has put into this character in this role over the 12 years he’s been living with this.

“It’s really cool and it’s exciting that audiences have gone along. That there is this character that can live in the gray area and bounce between the poles. So much of our show is about that.

“There was a line in Season 1 that’s been the mantra for the two seasons of the show: ‘No one ever bad is ever truly bad. And no one ever good is ever fully good.’ We all live in the gray area and Loki is the embodiment of that.”

Season 2 begins in the immediate aftermath of the fiery finale that concluded Season 1.

“We took a lot of swings in Season 1. They’re not a lot of giant action scenes. We’re talking about philosophy. We have an alligator version of Loki! There’s some weird stuff in there — and audiences largely really enjoyed it.

“So for us there was a freedom of going and just keep telling our story. We didn’t want to come back and play ‘the hits.’ We wanted to deepen and further this world and these characters in the way that second seasons can dive deeper into these characters and see those through to their natural conclusions.”

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