Sen. Warren tests positive for Covid-19

Sen. Warren tests positive for Covid-19 thumbnail

    “We can’t accept his no.” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) on how Congress can move forward with BBB

    04: 12

  • “We have to get Manchin back to the table.” Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-NM) on bringing Manchin back to BBB

    03: 09

  • Dr. Adalja answers viewer questions about omicron, boosters, holiday gatherings, and more

    07: 06

  • Investigating Trump: Manhattan DA prepares charges against former president

    05: 41

  • “It’s about making sure this never happens again”: The need for accountability in the January 6 investigation

    05: 22

  • “A giant waiting-room for asylum seekers”: Angela Kocherga on the future of the Mexican border

    04: 17

  • In The sPODlight: ‘No Compromise’ Podcast and the Rhetoric of Pro-Gun Culture in America 

    05: 09

  • “It has the potential to go off the rails.” Trump loyalists infiltrate election posts ahead of 2024

    04: 41

  • The Importance of Abortion Access and the Consequences of a Post-Roe America 

    05: 38

  • “The right to bear arms comes with the right to safely store them.” Sandy Hook parent on accountability after school shootings

    04: 29

  • In The sPODlight: Co-Hosts of “Boom! Lawyered” break down this week’s landmark abortion case

    08: 21

  • Americans face Christmas Tree and Santa Clause shortages this Holiday season

    03: 26

  • Dr. Hotez: “Whether it’s delta or omicron, the playbook is the same.”

    04: 57

  • “We’re not mad at these people.” Emergency Room Doctor on Unvaccinated Patients, Winter Surge, and Omicron Fears

    06: 05

  • “One battle in a larger war”: The political and cultural fallout of the Charlottesville rally verdict

    03: 43

  • Civil Rights Attorney on Takeaways from Rittenhouse and Arbery Verdicts 

    04: 00

  • Michigan Teacher Quits After Being Asked To Take Down Pride Flag

    04: 23

  • In The sPODlight: Tips and Tricks for First-Time Thanksgiving Hosts

    05: 23

  • Texas parents target mental health programs in schools

    04: 24

  • Christian Hall’s family calling for independent investigation into shooting

    12: 58

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