Seth Meyers Totally Predicted We’d Write This Story About John Oliver


Seth Meyers suggested… and HuffPost listened.

On Monday’s broadcast of Meyers’ “Late Night” show, the host joked that an anecdote from guest John Oliver could be the subject of a story on our website.

“Last Week Tonight” host Oliver recalled his parents being in the audience during his previous appearance on “Late Night.” Afterward, they said they’d been “so excited” because it was “really, really fun to go and watch a real TV show.” That’s despite them attending his own show the previous night.

Oliver initially let them off the hook, rationalizing that the taping at 30 Rock would have been exciting.

But the sucker punch came when they asked to attend “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” next because “it would be nice to see a real guest.” That’s despite Oliver, of course, being the guest they’d just seen on “Late Night.”

“So if there’s anything sense of why I’m like this, there’s a little snapshot,” said Oliver.

Meyers chimed in: “It does feel like there should be a Huffington Post* article that’s like, ‘John Oliver’s parents destroy John Oliver.’”


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