Smaato’s H1 2021 Trend Report Highlights a Publisher Revenue Rally

Smaato's H1 2021 Trend Report Highlights a Publisher Revenue Rally thumbnail

Data From Their OTT/CTV Platform and Proprietary Header Bidding Solution Cite Publisher Revenue Gains in H1

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updated: Sep 3, 2021 09: 50 EDT

September 3, 2021 ( –

Omnichannel ad tech platform and ad server Smaato published its H1 2021 Trend Report, celebrating that their publishers have not only recovered from the pandemic, but rallied. 

The report demonstrates ad spend spiked on the platform in 2021 and global eCPMs are up 7.4% YOY. Not only has the industry’s digital adoption trend been reflected on Smaato’s platform, Smaato’s own data also supports the acceleration of OTT/CTV spend, a shift toward header bidding solutions and the importance of contextual targeting in their latest report.

Smaato’s publisher monetization options run the gamut, and with the change in user behavior here to stay, the focus on experiences across channels seems to be paying off.  As one of the only OTT/CTV platforms to offer dynamic ad breaks and bidding by ad pod, ad slot and auction type, Smaato reports higher eCPMs for ad podding, offering more evidence that delivering experiences delivers results.

Alongside Smaato’s built-in Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) and Server Side Ad Insertion (SAI) capabilities for OTT, publishers can include platform, genre, series, season, and even episode information in the bid request. 

“Advertisers know what they’re bidding on, and publishers can see which ad pods, which ad slot and even which episode drives the highest revenue,” says Smaato General Manager Matthew Deets. “The win-win comes down to personalizing the experience for the end user.”

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Another highlight in H1 is Smaato’s in-app header bidding solution. Smaato’s Unified Bidding is built into their SDK. The report cites publishers using Unified Bidding outperformed the traditional waterfall. In June of this year alone, Unified Bidding in the Smaato SDK outperformed both Android and iOS SDK integrations for won auctions by up to 10x.

“When you look at the data, it’s clear how a feature-rich platform focused on user experiences makes an impact on the bottom line,” says Deets. “Now that Smaato has joined forces with Verve Group, we can only boost our ability to create personalized experiences for users to drive revenue for publishers.”

Download Smaato’s H1 Trend report for more of the latest industry trends, insights and data from the Smaato platform. 

Smaato’s digital ad tech platform is the only omnichannel ad server and monetization solution with controls to make monetization simple. Publishers can bring their first-party data and manage all inventory in one place. Marketers get access to the highest-quality inventory so they can reach audiences around the world and on any device. Headquartered in San Francisco, Smaato is part of Verve Group, a Media and Games Invest (MGI) company, with additional offices in Hamburg, New York, Beijing, and Singapore. Learn more at

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Source: Smaato

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