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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were one of the most beloved couples in the industry, and since it was not unusual for both of them to publish photos together and the media to share videos of her at Jonas Brothers concerts, everyone was very surprised when the news was announced. news that the singer had filed for divorce. Due to the popularity of both, their separation has generated a lot of interest and one of the strongest points had to do with the custody battle since he wanted to keep them in the United States and she wanted to take them back to England. Now, in what seems like a good first step, the two have just reached a custody agreement.

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The relationship between the two progressed very quickly.

Thanks to Game of Thrones – Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas reach custody agreement - The USA Print | The USA Print83%, Sophie Turner found great popularity among the public, because although many despised her character, they really loved her for the honest way of life that she showed on social networks where she talked about various topics such as Hollywood management, and the anxiety and depression with the who had to live together for a long time. During her time on the series, the actress commented on several occasions that she did not consider getting married because she did not believe she could find someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with to start a family.

Things changed when Joe Jonas He sent her a private message on Instagram and the two began talking almost daily. The actress recalls that she had serious suspicions about the singer, as she was sure that in person he would be cocky and annoying, so she pushed for them to finally meet face to face. Despite her doubts, the interpreter quickly fell in love with him and thus they began a formal relationship that, despite being seen in various media, was quite private.

Jonas Brothers Concert - 2023 (Source: Getty Images)
Jonas Brothers Concert – 2023 (Source: Getty Images)

In 2017 they confirmed that they were engaged, but in the end they secretly married in a ceremony in Las Vegas before hosting another for their family and friends. The couple appeared very happy at various public events and at Jonas Brothers concerts where Turner was always present. Likewise, they shared some information about their daughters simply to show their happiness at the events, but without revealing too much because they had always been very private.

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The divorce has changed that aspect for both of them, since the dispute has become public due to the leak of documents that range from the reasons for Joe Jonas asked for a divorce until a letter that Turner shared where the singer explained that he wanted to make England the formal home of his daughters. They have not said anything publicly, showing a certain respect for each other, but the divorce battle began very harshly and even the public, without really knowing anything, began to take sides.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas reach an agreement

Jonas clearly wanted to keep his daughters in North American territory, while Turner wanted to take them back to England and claimed that her ex-husband was not honoring a previous agreement. Only their respective lawyers spoke publicly about this, but now it seems that the dust has calmed down a bit. In an official statement to CNN Entertainment both declared:

After a productive and successful mediation, we have agreed that the girls will spend equal time in loving homes in both the United States and the United Kingdom. We hope to be great parents together.

The agreement indicates that the girls will travel every two weeks to stay with one of them, in addition to Sophie Turner You can travel with them and visit them in the United States. It was also arranged for the daughters to spend Thanksgiving with Joe Jonas and Christmas with Turner. This agreement will continue until January of next year, when a federal judge will deliberate whether the singer really kept the girls without the actress’s permission and with malice, and will work to put them on the right track when negotiating the other aspects of their divorce.

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