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Smokey the Bear says “only you can prevent wildfires,” but come on, you’re gonna listen to a cartoon bear?

In the new movie “On Fire,” they’re way past the point of preventing a forest fire. They’re just trying to survive it.

News reporter: “The destruction is catastrophic.”

Lance Henriksen (as George Laughlin): “This is no joke.”

“On Fire” is a film inspired by the West Coast natural disasters. It follows an ordinary Washington state family who’s up against a not-so-ordinary wildfire.

Peter Facinelli (as Dave Laughlin): “We’re going to be OK.”

Asher Angel (as Clay Laughlin): “Mom, Dad!”

Fiona Dourif (as Sarah Laughlin): “Oh, my God.”

Peter Facinelli: “It was really a movie to explore the characters, these characters, this one family that was going through this harrowing experience and how they grow together through it and overcome.”

Peter Facinelli (as Dave Laughlin): “As long as we’re together, we’re going to be OK.”

Asher Angel (as Clay Laughlin): “Dad!”

Actor Peter Facinelli’s character fights Mother Nature in this independent film. He tries to save his son, wife and others trapped inside the fiery, hellish woods.

Peter Facinelli: “We went to SAG-AFTRA, we had the producers sign the interim agreement. It was approved by SAG-AFTRA; they’re actually in support of us promoting. I think we’re one of the first films coming out under the new interim SAG-AFTRA agreement, which is a positive, wonderful thing.”

Peter Facinelli (as Dr. Carlisle Cullen): “Creating an immortal child has long been outlawed and is met with the severest form of punishment: death.”

Peter is no stranger to a good fight. You might recognize his battle moves in “The Twilight Saga” film series, where he plays the head of the Cullen clan.

But for his newest film, he’s taken on a new form, as co-director, and it happened as a complete fluke.

Nick Lyon, co-director/co-writer: “Actors — and he’s a filmmaker — they see things from a different lens than a writer or a director, because they’re living in the situation, they have to embody that. So when I got sick with COVID, he was able to take over for me for the days where I was gone.”

Peter Facinelli: “I think if I had to sit there and go, ‘Well, I’m gonna take on this co-directing job,’ it would have been stressful in the sense of like, ‘OK, I gotta,’ but it was almost as if I was thrown into this experience kind of like my character was thrown into this experience.”

Lance Henriksen (as George Laughlin): “What am I supposed to do here? How can I choose?”

Fiona Dourif (as Sarah Laughlin): “Clay?”

Asher Angel (as Clay Laughlin): “Gotta pick your favorites.”

Lance Henriksen (as George Laughlin): “No, they’re all my favorites. That’s the point.”

And, of course, the crew had to be careful not to cause an actual wildfire. So it’s all up to movie magic.

Lance Henriksen: “This budget, I thought they did an unbelievable job with creating the fires. They weren’t real fires.”

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