Stripe joins MultiVersus along with more combo changes

Stripe joins MultiVersus along with more combo changes thumbnail

MultiVersus has had a decent level of support since its first release with new characters getting added regularly.

However, not all of the changes are expanding things, the upcoming patch is bringing yet more combo changes to MultiVersus. After combos were hit in an earlier update, even more nerfs are coming. It now looks like further changes will limit combos even more.

Stripe Multiversus

The new changes might help make the game more accessible. However, some players are already worried about the impact. Limiting infinite combos will cut down on usability of certain moves and combos for competitive play.

Here’s what to expect with the MultiVersus Stripe update and the changes that are coming to the combo system:

Next MultiVersus Stripe Update

The next addition to MultiVersus just released. The character coming to the game is Stripe. We’ve known about MultiVersus Stripe for a little while, since he was announced alongside Gizmo. Much like the Update 1.03 addition of Rick and Morty as separate characters, with another addition to the roster coming in between the two.

Stripe is similar to Gizmo, but different in some key ways. He’ll have a similar smaller hitbox and be playd as an assassin. Stripe’s moveset has some fun details. He’s going to be a mix between the ranged and melee type of players. Quit a few of his attacks use his signature claws. However, he also has a chainsaw, a ranged attack,  and more.

The most important change however is the combo system getting nerfed, again.

MultiVersus Combo Changes

The MultiVersus Stripe update is going to mess with combos once again. A designer of MultiVersus has taken to Twitter to talk about the upcoming changes. After adding move fatigue to combos recently, they’re now going even further in halting longer runs of moves.

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This change is going to impact characters that have combos that consist of repetitive moves. If you’re utilizing a lot of a character’s moveset in a combo, it won’t matter. However, for character like Harley Quin and Superman who can rack up high percentages from single move combos, this is going to hit hard.

This new effect is going to be a hard limit on the number of attacks in a combo, reducing it down.

Next patch has it so you can’t do an attack in the same combo more than 2 times otherwise it drops the combo. we’ll keep evaluating after that change.

— Tony Huynh (@Tony_Huynh) October 10, 2022

Some players have responded to the change positively. They see it as cutting down spam. It’s true that this should force players to get more creative. However, not every character has the same potential for varied combos. The longer combos from character’s like Morty with a single move are already punishable. Players can escape through directional influence. This is a mechanic that most players are probably going to pick up on.

This new change doesn’t remove inescapable combos. More, it removes a bit of a skill check. Infinite combos are one way to punish players, removing them just seems to strip the game down.

MultiVersus has had huge popularity in terms of player numbers. Making changes to make the game more accessible is always going to be a controversial move, especially with a player base that spans both casual and more competitive players. We’ll have to see how these combos effect MultiVersus. Aand if the devs are finished with the combo nerfs.

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