Superfly Drops ‘Dynamite’ Remix by DJ R3HAB: Listen

Superfly Drops ‘Dynamite’ Remix by DJ R3HAB: Listen thumbnail

A remix of J-pop artist Superfly’s latest single “Dynamite” by DJ R3HAB is now available for streaming worldwide.



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Superfly made its major-label debut on April 4, 2007, as a duo with the single “Hello Hello.” Now Superfly — the stage name of vocalist Shiho Ochi — has released numerous J-pop hits over the years, including “Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo” (A Bouquet With Love), “Beautiful” and “Flare.”


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

The singer/songwriter continues to work tirelessly in the year marking the 15th anniversary of her debut, releasing a new digital single called “Voice” on her debut day and then “Dynamite” on May 23, the song featured in the new commercial series for Boat Race 2022 in Japan.

A globally renowned DJ from the Netherlands, R3HAB has remixed tracks by a variety of top artists including The Chainsmokers and Rihanna. Superfly is the first Japanese female artist he has worked with. The original version of Superfly’s “Dynamite” is an energetic pop-rock song featuring fast-paced melodies and strong vocals. On R3HAB’s version, solid track-making combined with a dark outlook has transformed the band sound of the original into a profound, euphoric dance number.

“I have a deep love for Japanese culture, its richness and depth is in a league of its own,” R3HAB shares. “Superfly is a cultural icon, and I’m so happy she reached out. I love how we combined our musical worlds into a record that is upbeat and danceable.”

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Check out Superfly and R3HAB’s “Dynamite” remix here.

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