Sweet Treats And Street Fashion: China Collabs Of The Week

Sweet Treats And Street Fashion: China Collabs Of The Week thumbnail

Over on China’s brand collaboration scene this week, global sportswear names are working with emerging local designers to gain street cred. Leading the way is Japanese sports titan Mizuno, which launched sneakers and baseball-inspired ready-to-wear with Randomevent, asserting the latter’s positioning as a strong Chinese label and its collaborative identity. Also expanding its China presence, American athletic brand Champion released a playful capsule with Melting Sadness

In other news, the famously creative retail hub Ok11 Musea collaborated with American painter Katherine Bernhardt on a Mid-Autumn festival mooncake box — the artist who previously released a capsule collection with J.Crew. And British designer Vivienne Westwood connected with high-paying Chinese consumers through a branded afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton in Guangzhou.

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LAUNCH DATE: August 22

TREND: Global sportswear x local streetwear

VERDICT: Following the likes of Puma, Dickies, New Balance, Giramicci, and Be@rbrick, Mizuno is the latest to release a collection with popular ready-to-wear label and concept store Randomevent. It’s a great route to resonate with China’s Gen Z. Mizuno was one of the brands to boycott Xinjiang cotton yet still holds popularity in the region; working with Chinese talent will only benefit its reputation there.


LAUNCH DATE: Early bird offer runs July 22 to August 21

TREND: Artist x retail

VERDICT: Ok11 Musea is a creative multi-concept retail space, always championing the collision of fashion and the arts. Incorporating the work of Missouri artist Katherine Bernhardt into its mooncake gift boxes enhances the mall’s artistic identity while appealing to the interests of its consumer base. 


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LAUNCH DATE: August 1 to September 16

TREND: Brand lifestyle experience

THE VERDICT: This partnership amplifies each brand’s air of luxury, associating The Ritz-Carlton with British designer Vivienne Westwood and allowing the latter to connect with China’s high-paying shoppers in a way that is totally Instagrammable (or should we say, Xiaohongshu/Weibo/WeChat-approved). Consumers can immerse themselves in the Vivienne Westwood lifestyle, creating memories that last beyond a single purchase.


LAUNCH DATE: August 26

TREND: Cultural capital through collectible merchandise

THE VERDICT: Continuing the creative partnership, Bilibili is releasing one of the art world’s favorite merchandise: a Be@rbrick. The collectible feeds the video-sharing website’s reputation in the cultural zeitgeist, simultaneously promoting Mountain Toys’ IPs.



TREND: Global sportswear x local streetwear

THE VERDICT: Artist Zhang Quan’s Melting Sadness is most known for its consistent collaborations with Adidas Originals, making this Champion release no surprise for China’s streetwear scene. The emerging local label is still lesser-known than Champion in the mainland; therefore, it will benefit from the marketing exposure while allowing Champion to connect with China’s fashionable Gen Z. 

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