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Teslabots Revealed

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Tesla revealed a crude Teslabot that was built in 6 months using mostly off the shelf parts. This first version is able to walk and is training to perform tasks in the Fremont factory. Tesla revealed a more advanced bot that uses custom Tesla parts and was developed with Tesla car manufacturing experience. It is more streamlined and is designed for mass production in the millions.

Teslabot will have 2.3 kilowatt hours of batteries which is enough for one day of continuous operation.

They already have it picking up objects like watering cans.

I think Teslabot could be about 12-30 months from having significant financial impact for Tesla.

They are looking at an initial mass produced cost of less than $20,000. this would be $2.50 per hour of labor if it operates 7X24.

They want to get the more refined version 2 walking and performing better than the first robot for performing tasks in the next few weeks.

They will focus on a factory use case and want to nail it to prove usefulness in the real world.

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