‘The Best Works Are Those That Are the Result of Years of Hard Work’: MAUW

‘The Best Works Are Those That Are the Result of Years of Hard Work’: MAUW thumbnail

The Mexican DJ and music producer spoke to us about his career and upcoming album, ‘One’

Mauricio More aka MAUW. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Mauricio More aka MAUW is an accomplished Mexican DJ and music producer who began learning the drums at the tender age of nine. Four years later, his parents, Serge and Gaby More, purchased a piano on the spur of the moment. “It’s really funny because my parents wanted the piano as part of the home decor, but they had no idea I’d be sitting at it every day when I came home from school,” recalls the 34-year-old. “Today, the piano and synthesizers are an extension of my soul; they are the conduits through which my heart communicates,” he adds.

MAUW’S tryst with music has been ongoing for as long as he can remember. He was an expressive and sensitive child, and it was as if something lived inside of him and communicated with him through melodies. Music was one of his most powerful forms of expression and the most effective way in which he could express himself.

“I got involved in the music and entertainment industry when I was 18 years old,” MAUW recalls about the roots of his entrepreneurial success, adding, “I had to juggle a thousand jobs and meet a lot of industry insiders, including directors, personal managers and stage managers. And now I have my own strategy and artistic promotion agency, as well as my own record label, Epical Records.” The label is dedicated to releasing the music of well-known artists while also endorsing new artists from all over the world through an app designed by his company – an initiative with the sole purpose of providing free support to artists across all fields.

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This past year has turned out to be great for the DJ and music producer. He had the opportunity to record with acclaimed international artists. One of his major accomplishments in 2022 was a duet with guitarist Neil Zaza, often dubbed one of the top 100 guitarists in the world. His single “Prelude for the Dark” was a resounding hit. Since the pandemic, MAUW has had at least 15 complete demos (tracks), 10 of which are included in his upcoming album One.

One has been in the works for a while. I fully appreciate why some musicians take years to produce an album. I am convinced that the best works are those that are the result of years of hard work.” Touching more on the album, MAUW explains, “I just want orchestral music and trance not to die. This album was the ideal method for me to speak to the world about two of my greatest interests: cinematic and electronic music. One is a mature album that uses a lot of symphonic orchestras and flawlessly crafted beats with a lot of emotional sentiments to transport listeners to an entirely new experience that I like to refer to as ‘Visiting Paradise.’”

Speaking further about his upcoming endeavors, MAUW says that his tour of Latin America, Europe, and Asia will commence in 2023. “I can’t wait to see you guys in person and share my musical journey with you.” “Tonight is the Night,” the opening track from One, will be released on January 8. The renowned Arjan Reitvink, who has collaborated with one of the best trance DJs in the world, Armin Van Buuren, mastered and mixed the song as well as the album.

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The artist’s love of music consumes him, as does his drive to create an oeuvre that fully satisfies his hunger for ingenuity. He feels that tenacity is the key to success in this effort. “Persevere and stay true to your love of music while never giving in to setbacks,” is MAUW’s advice on how to survive in the business. “Believe me, it’s common for artists to throw in the towel and it’s all part of the process. But don’t give up. Let your passion for music remain. Believe me, I’ve always known that I wanted to devote the rest of my life to doing this. Music is life.” MAUW seeks to set an example because “this interview with Rolling Stone India is an honor and I want to dedicate it to my country, Mexico, my fans and most importantly, to my family who never stopped believing in me.”

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