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After the success of Halloween – The Exorcist: Believers | David Gordon Green still doesn't know if he can make the sequels-The USA Print | The USA Print92%, David Gordon Green proposed to Blumhouse to repeat the sequel formula with the Exorcist franchise – The Exorcist: Believers | David Gordon Green still doesn't know if he can make the sequels-The USA Print | The USA Print87%. It had originally been said that this film would never have a remake or reboot because it was an untouchable classic, but the company spent many millions to acquire the license and do something of its own with the idea. The Exorcist: Believers – 20% is a direct sequel to the original that forgets the rest of the installments in order to make a new trilogy, but given the failure of this film, the future of the saga does not seem very bright.

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The Exorcist: Believers sought to serve as a tribute and continuation of the canon

The Exorcist It was one of those films that changed the genre forever and established the most important trends in possession stories so that no other installment within the franchise achieved similar success. It was impossible to repeat that success, since the context in which it was released was very specific due to the type of horror films that were made then and the expectations of the viewers. Nowadays, the panorama is more complicated, since every year several titles on the subject are released that go unnoticed, but still cause general fatigue for this type of projects.

The Exorcist: Believers It did not seek to surpass the first installment, but it did intend to use it as a springboard to attract fans and fill movie theaters. This worked with the John Carpenter franchise because it allowed Jamie Lee Curtis to have closure that worked to say goodbye to it even if it was with a failure like Halloween: The Final Night. 63%. In this case, the director couldn’t follow exactly the same steps so he decided to use a totally new story that takes place within the same universe as The Exorcist hoping to grow the original concept and turn the topic of exorcisms on its head by targeting other beliefs and religions.

The Exorcist: Believers (Source: IMDb)
The Exorcist: Believers (Source: IMDb)

Unfortunately, the first reviews of The Exorcist: Believers They were not good at all and the general opinion is that it is a fairly mediocre film that does not help to revive the old canon and certainly does not make it more interesting enough to be dedicated to a trilogy. Despite these comments, the public is the one who has the last word, since horror films are favorites and it is relatively easy for them to fill theaters, especially during this season. In the end, if this sequel obtains very juicy profits, the production company will have no problem justifying the following installments.

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Will The Exorcist: Believers have sequels?

Blumhouse’s plan is to make a trilogy, but since they acquired the rights to the saga they knew that it was a big risk that they might not be able to fulfill as they expected. The box office for the first weekend of The Exorcist: Believers, but it is clear that this result will define his future. In interview with Collider, David Gordon Green He spoke with reservations about the possible consequences:

We’ll see, we’ll see. The idea is that we build a roadmap that I think has a lot of different paths that we could take. The world of exorcism and possession is very vast. The world of spirituality is so curious to me that I have so many questions. As the film exists in the world over the next few weeks, I think a lot of those questions will be answered. (I have a) roadmap (for the next two films). I want to make sure I’m not so meticulously locked into a structure or concept that I can’t deviate from (and give myself some room to maneuver), an opportunity, an improvisation, or a detour that seems appealing to me.

The director also says that some of the best things that can come out of this type of project come from frustration because certain ideas don’t work out as expected or because certain personal visions can’t be fulfilled. So he’s also willing to learn from things. what happens with The Exorcist: Believers. Blumhouse is said to have spent so much money licensing the franchise that David Gordon Green He is obliged to deliver three films even if each one is a failure at the box office. In a few days we will know the public’s opinion and if the film manages to gain an important space on the global billboard. of the week.

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