The Exorcist: Believers | Jason Blum And David Gordon Green Will Visit CDMX

Decades separate us from the premiere of The Exorcist – The Exorcist: Believers | Jason Blum and David Gordon Green will visit CDMX87%, the film by the recently deceased William Friedkin, marked a milestone for the esteem in which so-called genre cinema was held. Numerous attempts to continue that legacy, and franchise, have taken place since then. The most recent of them is a week away with The Exorcist: Believers, a reboot that will take into account the events of that first film and will be promoted by producer Jason Blum and director David Gordon Green here in Mexico City.

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What is The Exorcist: Believers about?

Through a statement, Universal confirmed that CDMX will have the visit of two of the directors of The Exorcist: Creyentes. Producer Jason Blum, founder of the Blumhouse horror studio, and David Gordon Green, its director, who will be promoting the sequel in our country. Details about the activities have not been shared yet, but we recommend keeping an eye out for any fan events that spooky lovers can’t resist.

As you know, the film is the story of two young girls, who disappear for a few days only to return home with a strange affliction. The father of one of them, faced with the doctors’ failure to explain her sinister behavior and injuries, seeks the help of a woman who has gone through the same thing. It is here that the new installment converges with the classic, as the great Ellen Burstyn will return to play Regan’s mother, the girl who was possessed by the demon Pazuzu in the seventies classic.

Image from The Exorcist: Believers (Credit: Universal Pictures)
Image from The Exorcist: Believers (Credit: Universal Pictures)

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Although there have been sequels to The Exorcist – The Exorcist: Believers | Jason Blum and David Gordon Green will visit CDMX87% in the past, none have really had the same cultural impact as the original. The reason why they decided to make one more installment this time is because of the very fruitful collaboration that Blum, Universal and Gordon have had in the past. The plan, as revealed since the project was announced, is to make an entire trilogy of films in the franchise.

If this sounds familiar it’s because it’s exactly the same idea they had for Halloween – The Exorcist: Believers | Jason Blum and David Gordon Green will visit CDMX92%. As you may remember, Gordon Green wrote the 2018 sequel, which met with great success with critics and audiences by imagining Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) as a hermit who is traumatized by her encounter with murderer Michael Meyers and awaiting her return. The two films that followed, unfortunately, were not as lucky.

The promotion of the film, like many others in recent months, will have to deal with the actors’ strike, which makes it impossible for talent to advertise. In the specific case of Universal, the studio scored one of the biggest hits of the year last summer with Oppenheimer – The Exorcist: Believers | Jason Blum and David Gordon Green will visit CDMX95%, Christopher Nolan’s new film, which has surpassed US $900 million worldwide. That is to say, they will surely have something extra in their pocket for the marketing of this title, we will have to see if the effort is worth it.

The Exorcist: Believers, which had to move its release date so as not to coincide with the box office success of Taylor Swift’s tour, will hit theaters on October 5. It is one of two films that hope to dominate the month of scares, the other being Five Nights at Freddy’s, also from Universal, and which will be released on the 25th of the same month. Only time will tell which of the two ends up dominating Halloween 2023.

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