The Narwal Freo takes “smart vacuum” to a whole new level

The Narwal Freo takes “smart vacuum” to a whole new level thumbnail

There are hundreds of robot vacuums on the market, all with their own proprietary software and cleaning process; where most of them fail to meet high standards, the Narwal Freo shines. The Narwal Freo is a dual-purpose vacuum and mop that ensures your home is perfectly clean, and if it isn’t, it the Freo will keep running until it is.

Only a couple of years ago, Narwal debuted the T10, which was a fully competent robot vacuum that could more than handle its own. Comparatively, the T10 came with mop pads, though they needed to be manually installed for a quick scrub. The Narwal, however, automates that process, making the switch from mop to vacuum hands-free. On top of that, the T10 only had 1,800 pa suction, whereas the Freo can handle 3,000 pa suction.

In fact, there are a lot of areas where Narwal’s Freo combo mop and vacuum shine. Because its dual purpose, there are naturally several modes the robot can handle. The first few are a given and include a vacuum-only mode, mop-only, and vacuum and mop at the same time or vacuum then mop mode. The latter is handy for ensuring you’re not dirtying the water while your floors are being scrubbed.

The last mode is called “Freo” mode, and it gives the Freo an edge over the competition. Freo mode is, in essence, an AI mode, which allows the vacuum to vacuum and mop more than once if necessary. The Freo uses what it calls “DirtSense” tech to determine how dirty the water being sucked up is. If it’s too dirty, the Freo will mop again until it’s just right. With that, the Freo has both retractable side brushes and a retractable mop system, which ensures there’s no cross-contamination. Along with that, the vacuum is equipped with many sensors, including a LIDAR sensor for obstacles, and a sensor to detect how much pressure and moisture need to be applied to the floors.

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A personal favorite feature of the Narwal Freo is the “Smart-Swing” setting, which has the Freo swing to the side every so many inches. This action allows the mop pads to reach places and corners they wouldn’t normally be able to. With that, you’re basically annulling dead zones in the mop path.

While the robot itself has a lot of features, the “smart” aspect extends to the base as well. On the top of the base sits an LCD display, which gives you a quick readout for what mode the Freo is on. With that, you can activate a cleaning pass quickly through the touchscreen. Internally, the base has a dirty and clean water reservoir, limiting the number of times you need to refill and empty. With that, there’s a space for Narwal’s detergent, which keeps your floors even cleaner. After every mop trip, the base will heat the mop pads to 40 degrees Celsius, ensuring there are no bacteria to be seen.

Overall, the Narwal Freo is one of the most advanced robot vacuum/mops on the market right now. While it comes in at $1,299, the Freo sits right up there with the best of the best and ensures you’re getting a great clean every single time.

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