The ten best weapons in Grounded, and how to get them

The ten best weapons in Grounded, and how to get them thumbnail

Grounded is an intense survival game that takes place in a massive backyard. It’s massive partly because you’ve been shrunk down to bug size, and without solid weapons, you’ll be bug food in no time. Grounded features many weapons to earn and craft across various classes. This guide will rank the ten best weapons in Grounded and how to get them.

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10: The Termite Axe

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The Termite Axe pulls double duty as a tier 3 chopping tool and a decent one-handed weapon. This weapon can be earned from harvesting termites, which can be found in the northwest corner of the yard. This Termite Axe will also allow you to harvest resources needed for more powerful weapons on this list.

9: The Sour Staff

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Staves were added with the Grounded 1.0 release, and they’re potent weapons but tough to craft. The Sour Staff is the easiest one to recommend because most enemies aren’t immune to its effects. Fire staves are great, but many powerful enemies are utterly resistant to fire as a status ailment. To build this weapon, you need to track down resources in the upper yard to the east of the shed.

8: The Black Ox Crossbow

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You’ll need an excellent ranged weapon in Grounded to take on the yard’s various flying bugs. The Black Ox Croswsbow is the best of the bunch and can be upgraded to use any element in the game. Like many other tier three weapons, you must hunt down resources in the upper yard and slay some Black Ox beetles for their parts to build this weapon.

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7: The Spider Fang Dagger

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The Spider Fang dagger is nowhere near one of the strongest weapons in the game, but it will come in handy while exploring the entire pond biome and dealing with obstacles and enemies that lurk beneath. This weapon can be crafted by hunting down Wolf spiders near the oak tree. This weapon will allow you to attack underwater and break down walls and resources you’ll find in the murky pond depths.

6: The Rusty Spear

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The Rusty Spear is the best spear and javelin you can build in Grounded. It requires some rust and dust mites, both found in the upper yard and need a tier three hammer to collect. Sunken bone can be found in the pond depths and underwater lab. The infection status effect is great against armored enemies.

5: Tiger Mosquito Rapier

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The Tiger Mosquito Rapier is the big brother of the standard sword. This one-handed weapon is excellent for extended trips into the backyard. It features life steal and can be used alongside a shield for survivability. To craft this weapon, you must hunt down Tiger Mosquitos in the upper yard.

4: Salt Morning Star

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The Salt Morning Star isn’t the best damage-dealing blunt weapon in the game, but it is the most versatile. It features a high amount of stun damage, allowing you to easily survive long fights against challenging enemies. To craft this weapon, you need to track down Salt, Gum, and tough gunk. Tough gunk can be found in the upper yard creatures, while the other two are scattered around the yard.

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3: Spicy Coaltana

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The Spicy Coaltana isn’t the best of the best, but it’s a weapon with the most flash in Grounded. You can find this weapon in the charcoal bag located in the upper yard. When you find the sword, it will be embedded in a stone like Excalibur. Upon pulling it out, you will have to fend off a wave of Ladybird Larvae. Defeat the waves of enemies, and the weapon and recipe are yours.

2: Club of the Mother Demon

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This is the first of two world boss weapons you can craft in Grounded, and this will carry you through the entire game once it’s built. The only way to procure this weapon is to face off against the Broodmother. This boss is hidden in the Hedge Maze inside a tunnel made of web. You must summon and defeat this boss to earn this recipe and the parts to build it.

1: The Scythe of Blossoms

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The Scythe of Blossoms is the best weapon in Grounded. It requires you to hunt down the Mantis, the most fearsome boss in the yard. After collecting Mantis parts and the recipe, you’ll also need other tier three resources located in the upper yard. This non-elemental weapon features significant critical hit damage and does equal damage to every enemy resistance in the game.

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