Third Accuser Discloses Nam Joo Hyuk’s Bullying Behavior

Third Accuser Discloses Nam Joo Hyuk’s Bullying Behavior thumbnail

The push-and-pull bullying scandal of Nam Joo Hyuk continues to see opposing opinions and stories from alleged friends and past acquaintances. A third accuser has decried against the Twenty-Five Twenty-One actor’s past bullying behavior.

The incident began in June, when several of Joo Hyuk’s high school classmates accused the actor of bullying and taunting. His management quickly denied the allegations, and Korean outlet Dispatch also attempted to clear his name by interviewing 18 of his former classmates and 2 teachers to vouch for his character.

Third Accuser Emerges

Afterward, another former female classmate claimed to have been a victim of Joo Hyuk’s bullying. The female classmate had a bad relationship with Joo Hyuk’s close circle of friends. The group added her to a mobile messaging app and began verbally attacking her and throwing sexual insults at her. Joo Hyuk was also an active participant in this. Although the female classmate later reported the incident to a teacher, the group of friends, including Joo Hyuk, was only reprimanded by the school and no further student discipline occurred.

Colleagues Said Joo Hyuk “Has Changed”

The scandal has leveled up now, as Joo Hyuk’s colleagues in the entertainment industry hint that the actor’s character has changed after becoming famous.

Korean-Japanese singer, Kangnam, met Joo Hyuk in the JTBC show Welcome Back to School, and the two became fast friends. However, the friendship did not last. In a 2017 interview, Kangnam shared that they are no longer friends, “We no longer kept in touch after Nam Joo Hyuk became popular. Perhaps he is too busy.” When Kangnam married in 2019, Joo Hyuk was also not in attendance.

In a similar statement, Jang Ki Yong had also stated in the past, “Nam Joo Huyk and I were artistes under the same agency. He became popular after a year or so in the industry. Afterwards, he changed and became less approachable.”

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The opposing side claims differently. Actor Park Byeong Eun, who collaborated with Joo Hyuk in the film The Great Battle, praised the actor for being considerate, “We were all cooking noodles in his room. After eating, no one cleaned up, and there was a lot of trash everywhere. He didn’t say anything about it. He was very generous.”

Another unnamed colleague allegedly expressed, “Nam Joo Hyuk is very thoughtful and kind. He definitely is not the type to physically harm others or deliberately slander people. He is very respectful on set, and takes care of the staff. The recent news that broke out about him is beyond my imagination.”

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s Former Teachers Clear Bullying Allegations

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