This game is not about me

Former Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett spoke to reporters in New York Thursday ahead of his return to Denver this weekend.

Here’s everything the Jets offensive coordinator said about the team he coached for 15 games and its new head coach, Sean Payton, who in July called Hackett’s tenure, “maybe the worst coaching job in the history of the NFL.”

Question: What are your emotions going back to Denver?

Hackett: “Got to go win a football game.”

Question: How did they treat you there?

Hackett: “Great.”

Question: In the two months since Payton’s comments, what kind of support have you got from the people around you – your players, coaches here, people around the league? What kind of feedback have you got and support?

Hackett: “It’s been great. For all of us, our sole focus is on winning a football game. We’ve got to get better on offense and we’ve got to do our part to be able to score points.”

Question: Are you able to compartmentalize that because obviously it’s going to be a topic of conversation, even on TV during the broadcast they’re going to be talking about those comments.

Hackett: “Sure. That’s how this game is. As a coach, in every single thing we do, you can only control what you can control. For me, I can control trying to get these guys in the best position to go beat the Denver Broncos.”

Question: (Inaudible about Payton reaching out after the comments)

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