This Is What 0-62mph in 1.416 Seconds Looks Like

This Is What 0-62mph in 1.416 Seconds Looks Like thumbnail

Students from the University of Stuttgart have built the world’s fastest-accelerating electric car

Move aside Tesla, there’s a new acceleration king on the block – a group of twenty students from the University of Stuttgart have built the fastest accelerating electric car in the world. The single-seater carbon-fibre EV set the new acceleration record on 6 October 2022 at the Bosch racetrack in Renningen, Germany, reaching 0-62mph in a sensational 1.416 seconds.

That’s right, the quickest electric car of all time was built by a group of teenagers and early 20-something-year-olds. The car was built by GreenTeam, and the record-breaking run was filmed for our viewing pleasure.

This Is What 0-62mph in 1.416 Seconds Looks Like - News

The carbon-fibre racing machine weighs in at just under 145kg, which is impressively low considering the car uses a four-wheel drive system. Custom-made motors deliver 180kW to the wheels with the help of a bespoke battery pack, while the car’s aerodynamic body styling helps the machine carve through the air as quickly as possible.

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The car’s incredibly low weight means that power to weight comes in at a staggering 1726bhp/tonne. As you’d expect from such a blisteringly quick machine, the GreenTeam faced a host of challenges throughout the building and testing process, explained Pavel Povolni, first chairman of the Förderverein GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V.

This Is What 0-62mph in 1.416 Seconds Looks Like - News

“We suffered a bitter setback at the end of July. During a test run for the world record, the vehicle broke away at high speed and crashed into a stack of tires that served as a track barrier. Fortunately, the driver was unharmed, but the vehicle suffered enormous damage.”

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The GreenTeam has a history of breaking the 0-62mph record, setting a time of 2.681 seconds in 2012. However, the new best time of 1.561 seconds shows just how far EV tech has come over the past decade. How long will this record stand?

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