Transformation Coach Jimi Tewe On Exponential Tour In Manchester, United Kingdom

Transformation Coach Jimi Tewe On Exponential Tour In Manchester, United Kingdom thumbnail

It is true that life doesn’t teach one to become successful, it takes personal initiative to learn the art.

One person driving this desire into many lives today is Jimi Tewe, who’s on a mission to help as many individuals attain their fullest potential.

Olujimi Tewe, a Personal Transformation Coach, based in Dallas Texas, USA, is on a tour of nations with his Exponential Masterclass series.

On June 18th, Tewe had an amazing session with participants in Manchester who came with high expectation.

According to the Convener, the event held in Mercure Picaddily Mancheter Hotel, Manchester, with the theme “Unleashing the Entrepreneur In You” was apt, as it aimed at helping the participants understand Entrepreneurship.

Tewe said; The major thrust of the session was to help participants understand that thriving in the United Kingdom will require that they become more entrepreneurial.

With increasing inflation and other statistics, there is a huge opportunity for participants to create useful solutions to theming problems and monetize these leveraging technology.

Speaking on the highpoint of the masterclass, the transformation coach notes.

“Participants were taken through various exercises that helped them gain clarity on areas of enterprise they can undertake.

There was also a focus on helping participants overcome limiting beliefs that have kept them from exploring their entrepreneurial capacity among others.

Tewe, revealing, said that many of the participants affirmed that the event was timely and made a commitment to pursue their entrepreneurial vision from the learning points in the class.

He said participants were drawn from Manchester, Bath, Bristol, Bradford, Liverpool, London etc.

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Jimi Tewe LLC provides Personal & People Transformation Coaching & Learning Solutions to individuals and corporate organizations seeking to achieve Exponential Results

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