Trend Tracker: Heineken, upcycled products, plant-based chocolate and more feature in our round-up

Trend Tracker: Heineken, upcycled products, plant-based chocolate and more feature in our round-up thumbnail

Taking it easy: Heineken says experimentation and ‘easy-drinking beers’ fast-growing Asia trends

Beer heavyweight Heineken has highlighted increased experimentation and what it calls ‘easy-drinking beers’ as fast-growing category trends within the alcoholic beverages sector in Asia, and expects these to expand even further in the coming year.

According to Heineken APAC Marketing Transformation Director Sarah Maddock, ‘easy-drinking beers’ have garnered an increasing consumer base in Asia over the past several years, and the firms expects to increase this base in 2022.

“One of the fast growing areas [in beer] is easy-drinking beers, which are also typically lower in alcohol as these can accompany food well especially on occasions where consumers are looking for an easy choice,” ​Maddock told FoodNavigator-Asia​.

Looking up: How APAC’s upcycled F&B firms are striving for ‘equal or better’ products – In-depth insight

The upcycled food and beverage industry in the Asia Pacific is growing at an unprecedented pace, with firms in the sector striving to create products with ‘equal or better’ taste in order to gain consumer buy-in beyond sustainability concerns.

The industry is relatively young in APAC but considered by many to be one of the potential next big trends in producing sustainable food and beverage products and cutting food waste, which is why in this edition of the FNA Deep Dive we take a closer look at the sector and how it is evolving and growing within the APAC region.

Dairy-free decadence: Can plant-based chocolate crack APAC amid looming labelling challenges?

Experts say that plant-based chocolate needs to overcome taste challenges and offer localised products if it is to achieve significant growth in APAC, especially with potential labelling and regulatory hurdles looming on the horizon.

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The vegan and plant-based food and beverage industry within the APAC region is growing at a rapid rate, especially sectors such as plant-based dairy and plant-based meats – but the plant-based chocolates sector in particular has yet to take off in as big a way as these.

In this edition of our FNA InnovATE series, experts from within the industry share their exclusive insights on the key requirements for the sector to achieve its own boom in the region, as well as potential challenges that still need to be overcome.

Era of processed foods: South Korea government survey reveals rise in consumer purchases

A recent South Korean government survey has revealed a significant boost in processed food sales over the past year, with both the number of purchases and frequency on the rise.

The data was revealed by South Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA), which recently published the results of its annual 2021 Processed Foods Consumer Survey.

“This survey is conducted yearly to better understand local consumer trends regarding the processed foods sector, and this year we surveyed a total of 2,193 households in Korea nationwide,”​ MAFRA Minister Kim Hyeon-soo said in a formal statement.

Investment potential: The countries ripe for foodtech and ag-tech funding in Asia, ME revealed

India, China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been tipped as foodtech and ag-tech investment hotspots by regional experts, while Vietnam and the Philippines are said to be among the next wave of opportunities available.

That’s the view of Isabelle Decitre and Vandana Dhaul from investment and advisory firm ID Capital, the organisers of the Future Food Asia Awards.

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