TrendForce: iPhone 14 price hikes may be smaller than expected

TrendForce: iPhone 14 price hikes may be smaller than expected thumbnail

Apple is cutting one iPhone model (the mini) and adding one (the vanilla Max), so a shake-up in the pricing structure is to be expected. Some analysts have been predicting that the prices for the two Pro models will go up by $100, but TrendForce thinks that the price hike will be smaller.

In fact, the iPhone 14 could be $50 cheaper than its predecessor, which started at $800. Of course, last year there was the iPhone 13 mini for $700 as the cheapest new (non-SE) model. This year you will be looking to spend $750 or $800 for a new mainline iPhone at the least, if the predictions pan out.

Analysts agree that the new iPhone 14 Max will cost $100 more than the vanilla model, which will put its price at $850 or $900, depending on exactly which analysts are right.

Something else they agree on – the two Pro models are going up the price ladder. There is no consensus on whether it’s by $50 or by $100 (TrendForce says $50), but that new hardware doesn’t come cheap.

iPhone 13 iPhone 14 (TrendForce) iPhone 14 (other analysts)
mini $700
vanilla $800 $750 $800
Max $850 $900
Pro $1,000 $1,050 $1,100
Pro Max $1,100 $1,150 $1,200

The Pros are getting upgrades that the vanilla duo will miss out on. This includes the new Apple A16 chipset, LPDDR5 RAM, new 120Hz LTPO displays with AOD functionality and a new Face ID system, higher resolution 48MP main cams with 8K video recording, new ultra wide cameras and more. The vanilla iPhone 14 and 14 Max won’t even get the new chipset (if the rumors are to be believed).

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Even with all that Apple is reportedly expecting strong sales for the iPhone 14 series, we’ll see how that goes. The official announcement is scheduled for September 7 (Wednesday next week), so tune in next week for the official prices and features.


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