Trump Didn’t Hold China Accountable for COVID, Fentanyl, Cuban Spy Base and Didn’t Stop Land Buys

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” 2024 GOP presidential candidate former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley stated that while fellow 2024 Republican candidate former President Donald Trump did take actions to combat China’s trade abuses, he failed to hold them accountable for the coronavirus pandemic and fentanyl, and “He didn’t stop them buying our land. There was a Chinese spy base in Cuba, he didn’t do anything about that.”

Host Sean Hannity asked, “[H]ow does China get away with, oh, let’s see, a spy balloon flying all across the continental U.S., over our military installation[s]? Why do we let them buy thousands and thousands of acres of farmland and ranchland? Why are they confronting our Air Force in international airways and our Navy in international waterways, and there are no consequences? Why?”

Haley responded, “Look, this was the whole issue that I had with President Trump. He was great on trade. He never held them accountable for COVID. He never did anything about the fentanyl coming across. He didn’t stop them buying our land. There was a Chinese spy base in Cuba, he didn’t do anything about that. This is our number one national security threat.”

She added, “He did trade, but he didn’t do national security, and our farmers are paying for it and we’re seeing it with all the intrusion that we’re seeing in America. That should have been stopped years ago, and he didn’t do it. And then, on top of that, he congratulated the Chinese Communist Party on their 70th anniversary. You can’t be nice to people like that. These guys want to destroy America. They are planning war with America. We have to start being strong and tough with them and let them know they can’t kill Americans anymore.”

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