“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Beats “Forecasting Love and Weather” Ratings

“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” Beats “Forecasting Love and Weather” Ratings thumbnail

Korean dramas, Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Forecasting Love and Weather, both premiered on February 12. After the release of two episodes, viewers seem more inclined towards the former tvN retro youth drama over JTBC’s older-woman, younger-man office romcom.

The story takes place in 1998 during the Asian financial crisis, and stars Mr. Sunshine actress Kim Tae Ri and Start-Up actor Nam Joo Hyuk as two students whose fencing dreams and livelihood are impacted by the uncertain times. While Joo Hyuk’s character experiences despair due to his father’s bankruptcy, he is inspired by Tae Ri’s positive energy.

The retro drama brings back plenty of nostalgia, and promises a slow-burn romance when the characters meet again three years later when he is 25, and she is 21 as they discover their growing feelings for each other.

The premiere episode of Twenty-Five Twenty-One received 6.4 percent in viewership ratings, and quickly climbed to 8 percent in national ratings for the second episode.

Also airing on Saturday and Sunday is office romcom Forecasting Love and Weather. Park Min Young and Song Kang are colleagues at the Korea Meteorological Administration who have a one-night stand after getting drunk.

As someone who is heavily opposed to dating her colleagues, Min Young’s character immediately  draws the line with Song Kang and wants nothing to do with him. However, Song Kang promptly informs her that he will be transferring to her department soon, leaving Min Young in utter despair over the awkward situation.

Although their steamy scene in the second episode managed to boost ratings to 5.5 percent from its initial premiere of 4.5 percent, the ratings for Twenty-Five Twenty-One performed slightly below expectations.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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