Ukraine Says Russian Attacks Wounded 8 People 


Ukraine said Tuesday that Russian attacks in two parts of the country wounded at least eight people.

In the Kherson region in southern Ukraine, Russian airstrikes and artillery fire wounded four people and damaged a number of houses, Interior Minister Igor Klymenko said on social media.

Klymenko also said a Russian attack in the Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine injured four people.

Ukraine and Russia each said Tuesday their militaries also thwarted attacks by enemy uncrewed vehicles.

Russia’s defense ministry said it destroyed three Ukrainian boats in the northern part of the Black Sea.

Russia also said it conducted an “anti-sabotage” operation near the Sevastopol port, which is home to its Black Sea fleet.

Ukraine’s air force said its defenses downed six drones that Russian launched from Crimea.

Some information for this report came from Agence France-Presse and Reuters.


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